Creaks is a game with a lot of suspense and highly artistic animation, where we will find an endless number of puzzles to be able to move forward in this gloomy and wonderful world at the same time.

The game is developed by Amanita Design, who already has a catalog of more than 120 games. Creaks has just joined the catalog of this independent developer.

Recently added to the Apple Arcade catalog, the epidemic is not for game development, every week we have had very interesting additions to Apple’s subscription service.

Crack’s Story

In the game, you spend a quiet afternoon in your room when the light starts to flicker and the floor shakes. The wallpaper is pulled back to reveal a secret door, and someone – or something – is making a noise in there. Grab your flashlight and explore a mysterious underground world of bird people. Lurking in the shadows are deadly shape-shifting monsters. When you turn them on, they transform into furniture.

This is the story of and although the game does not have a story as linear as others, each puzzle is extremely challenging and entertaining, it could be said that it reaches halfway between a casual game, since the entire process is saved and every time you advance we see a new puzzle.

Graphics and Sound

It is perhaps the strongest point of the game, since the graphics seem to have been drawn by hand, highly artistic, every detail that we see in the levels, as we progress through the game, all the levels in case they are different, but clearly we can realize that it is one world.

In terms of sound it is also extremely good, in fact the developer’s advice is that we play it with headphones, to generate a more enveloping atmosphere and it is achieved perfectly.


Creaks, is a game with amazing graphics and extremely difficult puzzles, but in its game engine, it is really simple, hence its great success, this is one of the few games in the Apple Arcade catalog that wants to go beyond a casual gameplay and can be played seamlessly without a controller doesn’t significantly change the experience and that’s quite an achievement.

Creacks Conclusions

This is one of the best suspense games in the Apple Arcade catalog, without a doubt. Its strongest points are the graphics and sound that take us into that world, and how easy it is to play, even without an external controller. But without a doubt it is not a simple game, the puzzles can stop us from a couple of hours to a couple of days, it depends on each person, this depends on the taste of the people, if you like suspense, an artistic, enveloping animation and solve puzzles, creacks is certainly for you.

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