Have you ever had trouble finding music to play when you’re with your friends? Everyone has their own choice in terms of music and it is not easy to attend to everything. Hitlist is an Android application to receive music suggestions from your Facebook friends and add them to a playlist. The app is a complete music player for your local files and you can create playlists, play songs repeatedly and shuffle. To receive suggestions from your Facebook friends, they must have the app installed on their devices. You can choose who you want to get a song suggestion from and then add it to your playlist.

Connect your Facebook account and you can start creating playlists right away. If you’re not playing music from your device, you’ll need an internet connection to use the app. Hitlist affectionately calls its playlists a hit list and you can create a new one or edit an existing one.

Create playlists from tracks suggested by Facebook friends

You can start by creating a playlist or choosing which Facebook friends you want to receive music suggestions from. You can add music from your device or from SoundCloud.

The app can scan your device for music, though it was exceptionally slow to do so during testing, and I eventually decided to search for the music myself. To browse music on your device, the app redirects to a file manager app, and then you can select the songs you want to add. Adding songs is again a buggy process and it takes multiple taps for the app to respond properly. The search bar works better than the app’s scan feature. Adding tracks from SoundCloud is just as easy, though the listening experience is far from what you get on the default SoundCloud app, as the track takes too long to load.

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The user interface of the app is quite nice. No themes to speak of, but nothing obnoxious about the UI that would make you want another theme. Hitlist allows you to edit a playlist. At the moment, an online music download feature is in the works. You will see an option to download music if you tap the edit button in the action bar on the home screen of the app, but you won’t be able to download it.

Hitlist is in Beta, so expect bugs. Other than the app being slow to add select songs and scanning a device for music, the only major bug we experienced, even though it happened only once, was a song continuing to play despite being stopped from within the app. It wasn’t until the app was manually stopped that the music stopped playing. All in all, a good concept behind the app and once the bugs are fixed, it could be a good tool to help you manage music at parties.

Install Hitlist from the Google Play Store