When we have been just over 24 hours after the launch of iOS 6 (which, according to a Chitika study, would already be installed on the fifteen% of compatible devices) one of the new features of the system has become the undisputed protagonist. And, in this case, in a negative way.

This is the new map system developed by Apple that implements iOS 6. In this way, the company abandons the service offered by Google, present in its mobile devices since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. The bad relations between the two companies and that Google offers more features in the version of its Android application than in the iOS version They have undoubtedly influenced this movement.

However, the quality of the Apple app is far from what was expected. Obviously it is a first version, but there is enough mistakes in its operation that are not admissible. Cities that do not appear or appear several kilometers from their actual location, buildings under water, roads that “shake”, etc. Although the application has interesting functionalities such as car GPS (thanks to an agreement with TomTom), vector maps and 3D textures, others such as public transport information (which will have to be obtained through third-party applications available at the App Store), StreetView or bike routes. The company has responded to the criticism by pointing out that the application will improve as people use it, as it is a service that is enriched by user contributions.

Google, for his part, has been working on his application for a long time, which gives it a precision and a set of functionalities that we now miss. The search engine company is expected to publish a native application for iOS shortly, although contradictory rumors have emerged in this regard: on the one hand, those that indicate that it would have already submitted the application to Apple for approval. On the other, those who say that we will still have to wait a while.

In the meantime, there is a way to continue using Google maps and that is by accessing it through Safari. We can even create a direct link on the iPad desktop that, when pressed, takes us directly to the webapp from Google maps. It’s just a patch, but at least the cities will appear at your location and the bridges will stop vibrating. Regarding the service Street Viewthe Live Street View application (available in the App Store at the price of €0.79) may be a more than acceptable alternative.

Images: The amazing iOS 6 maps – Tumblr