Cross Generation of Heroes’. First contact.

I’m going to start the analysis ‘Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes’ certifying what many of you have been thinking for months but no one has confirmed yet. ‘Tatsunoko vs Capcom’ is a marvel.

The return to the arcade fight that was established by the VS titles developed by Capcom and that have one of the best fighting games in history, the award-winning ‘Marvel vs Capcom 2’, comes to show defenders and detractors that the thugs have not finish.

This genre is more alive than ever and ‘Tatsunoko vs Capcom’ lands in Wii destined to become one of the best titles in its catalogue.

Cross Generation of Heroes’.  First contact

Unfortunately it is a visual and playable delight that European users will not be able to enjoy in our market due to certain problems of rights and licenses regarding certain characters.

Despite the fact that in these situations my reaction would be absolute rage towards the companies for depriving us of this jewel, I must say in their favor that the few or no efforts that Capcom has shown to bring the title to our territory are more than reasonable.

Cross Generation of Heroes’.  First contact

In the first place due to the public’s lack of knowledge about the productions of the animation company Tatsunoko Production outside of Japanese territory. Although it is true that some of his series managed to have some success in these parts, among which we could highlight Chicho Terremoto, Comando G or Los Gatos Samurais, as well as his collaborations in others of greater international fame such as Neon Genesis Evangelion , but none of them, except Command G, has finally been transferred to the video game.

The second reason is that the tastes of the Western public are far from the Japanese, so the incorporation of characters by Capcom has also been modified to promote the purchase of the Eastern consumer. Thus, if in ‘Marvel vs Capcom 2’ we enjoyed the possibility of using prodigies such as Jill Valentine or Captain Commando, this time they have been deserted in order to include fighters such as Sōki from ‘Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams’, Saki from ‘Quiz Nanairo Dreams’ or Yami from the fabulous ‘Okami’, characters much less known outside the land of the rising sun.

Cross Generation of Heroes’.  First contact

Despite the latent difference in terms of fighters between the last vs with this ‘Tatsunoko vs Capcom’, ignorance regarding characters as extravagant as Gold Lightan, translates into an endearing charisma once you put yourself at the controls.

Confidence that one day things will change and come to our country? None, so you’ll have to find a friend in Japan to taste this great Wii gem.

Cross Generation of Heroes’.  First contact

We remember that it is not the first time that something like this has happened to us, we also enjoyed the same fate with the release of ‘Jump Ultimate Stars’ for DS, a title that united characters as charismatic as Musculman, Goku or Naruto in an endless fight , also going through series like Yu Yu Hakusho or Death Note.

If, in addition to that, the game was average, the launch would have gone unnoticed under our noses, but gentlemen, I am sorry to tell you that it is not.

Infinite aerial combos, specials that, now with a mini-presentation, flood our screens, and a long list of techniques within reach of the memory of a privileged few.

Cross Generation of Heroes’.  First contact

As happened with the previous installments of ‘Marvel vs Capcom’, some purists may blame the title for an excessive use of projectiles, which tends to keep our distance when we find ourselves in combat, but at the moment of truth, they become a key element to solve some fights.

To its numerous additions such as new characters, its story and arcade mode, soundtrack and others, we must also add a new mode with different mini-games for each fighter. An entertainment that, in addition to extending the life of the title, will provide us with an inexhaustible source of coins to spend in the extras store.

But without a doubt, if there is something that I should applaud its developers, in addition to the devilish difficulty that has kept me glued to the screen for days, it has been without a doubt the excellent optimization of the Wii’s graphic capacity. Something that its users have been claiming for a long time and that it seems that, finally, someone has deigned to take into account.

Cross Generation of Heroes’.  First contact

The graphics of ‘Tatsunoko vs Capcom’ do nothing but shine with their own light and show that they can step on the heels of some PS3 or XBox 360 titles. Also, the speed with which the combats are created is amazing, turning the loading screens into a concept of the past from here on out.

As I always tell you, try it as much as possible to contrast opinions, but I assure you that ‘Tatsunoko vs Capcom’ is destined to become a cult work.

Technical sheet: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes

  • platforms: Wii
  • Distributor: Capcom
  • Study: Capcom / 8ing
  • Launch: Without date

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