Crucible, the competitive game from Amazon, did not work well and returns in closed beta version after its launch

‘Crucible’ was Amazon’s big bet on competitive video games, and despite that, it barely made any noise. The game had been in closed beta for a few months and was launched on Steam for everyone about a month and a half ago. However, the title did not work well, so Amazon removed it and returned it to closed beta. This is an unpublished fact and this for several reasons.

As they explain from Amazon, they will work “on map, combat and system modifications to improve the experience of Heart of the Hives”, which is the only one of the three game modes still in place after the ‘study. remove the other two. They assure that they will implement “comments-based improvements and what we think the game should thriveNot for nothing, because at the moment, 67 people are playing the title on Steam and 12 viewers on Twitch.

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A launch that didn’t work

To put it in context, we can use another recently released title that has worked well: “Valorant”. “Crucible” has exactly 22,297 followers on Twitch, 12 viewers and three channels are currently broadcasting. ‘Valorant’, meanwhile, has 5.1 million subscribers, 73,805 viewers and a large number of channels currently broadcasting.

If we look at Metacritic, the same thing: ‘Crucible’ has 39 user ratings with an average score of 4.3 and 17 specialty media comments with an average score of 56 points. ‘Valorant’, meanwhile, has 2,446 user reviews with an average rating of 5.4 and 35 reviews from specialized media with an average of 81 points. ‘Valorant’ is not on Steam, but if we look at the ‘Crucicle’ tab we will see that the general reviews (10,779) are “varied” and that only 43% are positive.

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This has several explanations, but the two most obvious are the promotion campaign and gender. Riot Games launched a studio-style launch campaign, randomly distributing betas on Twitch streams, featuring personalities from the world of electronic sports, and creating a very active community on social media. “Crucible”, however, launched and nothing else. It’s true that Amazon put a shortcut to the game on its main page and posted a few social media ads, but there are some obvious differences.

When “Crucible” was launched, it did so later than expected, with servers that gave errors and, as they point out in VidaExtra, with a “proposal in the genre of hero shooter that practically nothingImagine that “Crucible” competes with “Overwatch”, “League of Legends”, “Apex Legends” and “Quake Champions”, among others, and these are well-established titles that are hard to hide. 3DJuegos, meanwhile, said:

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“Crucible is, roughly speaking, an amalgamation of popular genres that strives to make sense of it and have fun. Is it successful? Well, more or less, yes; it has very interesting modes and very good times, but he is also stuck with handling certain characters and the rhythm of certain games, among others. If you are able to tolerate these problems, you will still have to face the fact that he came out with many improvements to come, so aspects like communication or optimization must still be pampered before it lives up to what is expected of them. “

To make matters worse, two weeks after its launch, the company released two of the three game modes, leaving only “Heart of the Hives”, which is the most MOBA. However, too large a map, too long respawn and wait times, unbound map areas, and some performance issues remained. The players started to leave.

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Crucible table Evolution of “Crucible” players.

From the SteamDB charts, we can see that by May 20, when the game was officially released on Steam, ‘Crucible’ had amassed 25,145 concurrent players and 129,232 viewers on Twitch. It was its historic peak. Since then, the game’s population has been dropping sharply until it is almost residual, which obviously means that matchmaking is getting longer and longer. Without going any further yesterday, the game had only 187 simultaneous players.

There are many and varied changes that Amazon Games Studios and Relentless Studios have to make to the title to differentiate it from the others and offer something different. Starting at 6:00 p.m. today, the game will return to closed beta. The developers say they will play with the community to receive feedback and make decisions, and that they will create a “community board” made up of beta participants of all play styles to work closely with them. There is no date for the second official version.

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