Crucible worked so badly that today it goes from a released game to a closed beta

Within two weeks of its release, Crucible lost two of its three game modes. Amazon It worked so badly that today, less than a month and a half after leaving Steam, its status will change from game released to game in closed beta. This is the first time we have seen something like this.

The truth is that the launch of Crucible was strange. Since Amazon announced its development in late 2016, nothing more was known until a few weeks before its launch on May 21, 2020. Despite this, you could say that the game came out of nowhere: it did not benefit promotion of all kinds and we find it practically on Steam ready to be played without having much prior information. As of this writing, 55 people around the world are playing Crucible.

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What we feared has happened. The launch itself arrived a few hours later than expected and with its servers giving errors, but the important thing is that its proposal in the genre of the hero shooter game contributes practically nothing. Even being free to play It is difficult to compete with the big shooters who are currently attracting thousands of players, especially if there has not been a strong previous promotion and the analyzes are not particularly positive.

Crucible: from the game released to the closed beta

The stage of the game released in closed beta is unprecedented and only a company with the resources at its disposal Amazon you can afford this kind of movement. The change will take place this afternoon at 6:00 p.m., so everyone who wants to find a place in Crucible you must download it before this time. Then, as a closed beta that will be, you will need to register and wait for confirmation to be able to play.

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The development study confirmed that switching to the closed beta version will not change the game or its plans. In other words, from this afternoon, the experience will be the same as so far: existing players will keep all their progress and purchases and you can continue to enter Steam without having to download anything else. The team will continue to work on improving its modes, it will simply do so in a more controlled environment.

The main novelty of this closed beta version is that the developers will perform weekly sessions where they will play with a selected group of players and testers of all skill levels to ask for feedback and touch up whatever is necessary to improve. Crucible.

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