Crysis Next – a new game from Crytek has been leaked online.

The German studio Crytek has been on a bad streak for a long time. First, the premiere of Crysis Remastered was delayed due to how badly the trailer was received. Then, after his debut, it turned out that he has huge problems with optimization on consoles as well as personal computers. Not to mention the fact that since 2013 (then Crysis 3 hit the market) we haven’t received any new Crysis games. However, the latest reports indicate that this long drought may end soon. He appears to us on the horizon Crysis Next – free battle royale production.

In the job advertisement on the official website of Crytek studio, you can find information that they are looking for people for a new, yet unannounced AAA game. In addition, documents about various older projects of the German studio leaked into the network, most likely due to the recent hacker attack on Ubisoft and Crytek. It is not entirely clear whether they are unfinished, canceled or in the process of being written. However, we know that one of them it has to be Crysis Next – a free to play battle royale game. From the documents that got online, we can read that Crysis Next relies on quick action with hundreds of players at the same time. The features that distinguish the production are personalization of the appearance (most likely some form of skins for weapons or costumes), adaptive powers of the nanosuit (known from previous games in the series) and spectacular graphics in an immersive world.

If the project is successful, we can certainly expect a really visually beautiful and decent game mechanics from a well-known studio. First of all, Crytek already has experience in free to play games thanks to Warface, which should pay off in the work on Crysis Next.

Crysis Next – a new game from Crytek has been leaked online

The idea that the next part of the series should look like Crysis Next should not surprise us, because already 8 years ago one of developers betrayedthat the next part of the series will not Crysis 4just an online free to play game. Last year, in turn, there were reportsthat Crytek is making an AAA multiplayer game with the help of the SpatialOS web platform – sounds similar to the Crysis Next idea. More importantly, recently a person claiming to be a former developer of the series Crysis she said, that the studio does not create any new single player games due to the lack of writers, animators, etc.. Therefore, it would not be surprising that multi-person production, focused on monetization through micropayments.

It is not yet known when and on which platforms Crysis Next will hit, but everything indicates that it will appear on next-generation consoles and personal computers.

Crysis Next – a new game from Crytek has been leaked online
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