The joke of the way 8K Crysis Remastered proves to be much more than a sharp joke in this new video. After calling that mode “Can Crysis move?”, He now shows it in a trailer that collects all the technological improvements that the remastering treasures.

Global illumination, real-time reflections, refracted lights, depth of field, high-quality textures, improvements in particle effects, ray tracing and, of course, the celebrated 8K resolution, go hand in hand in a video that will delight graphic enthusiasts.

It would not have been bad to enjoy the same in a video with gameplay without a gap for artifice, but in any case it is a good sample that, comparing the current level with that of the original, serves to give a good account of what awaits us in Crysis remastered.

There are just a couple of days left to be able to get the glove, so if you have prepared your PC to move it to the maximum -again-, next September 18 you will be able to enjoy the return of one of the most mythical games of the millennium. Crysis remastered It will also come to PS4, Xbox One and Switch, but as you can imagine there will be no 8K or anything like it.