Cubot continues to eat sales to the big brands..

Keeping quiet and without being a particularly famous brand, Cubot continues to eat a good pinch of sales from the big mobile phone brands, thanks mainly to its attractive designs and combining very interesting hardware specifications with especially contained prices. And, if it turns out that this brand makes a great sale of its terminals with great discounts (which can reach up to 58%) from today until November 4, it is clear that we are facing the perfect opportunity to get hold of one of the great terminals of this brand.

Cubot’s name may not be as famous as Samsung, Lenovo, LG or Xiaomi in the Android mobile environment, but it is not unknown. In fact, it is a quite famous brand for making terminals with a very good price / performance ratio, whose sales are doing a lot of damage to the brands that I have mentioned before, since it allows its customers to access terminals with good features but without doing so. a large financial outlay.

Much of its recent success is largely due to what are its two top-of-the-range terminals, the Cubot X15 and the Cubot X16.

Cubot continues to eat sales to the big brands.

The Cubot X15 is a terminal whose analysis we already did some time ago but, even so, we are going to remember its characteristics a bit.

We have a quad-core MediaTek 6735 processor running at 1.3 Ghz clock frequency and capable of running x64 applications natively in the operating system. It has a Mali T720 graphics card running at 650 Mhz and 2 GB of RAM in the system. With this base it is clear that the terminal aims very high in terms of general performance to run any application, however heavy it may be.

Cubot continues to eat sales to the big brands.

The mobile has a wonderful and large 5.5-inch diagonal IPS screen that has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (FullHD) of the OGS (One Glass Screen) type of tempered glass, which makes it more resistant at the same time. that more sensitive to the touch of our fingers. This screen is of the 2.5 D type and its matrix has a contrast of 1000: 1 to provide us with the best visual experience.

The Cubot X16 has an internal storage capacity of 16 GB that we can expand if we wish with a micro SD card of up to 32 GB. What is necessary to be able to store all the images or videos that we want to record with the two magnificent cameras that come standard: a 16 Mpx rear camera and an 8 Mpx front camera.

Cubot continues to eat sales to the big brands.

The terminal comes standard with Android 5.1 installed. As for wireless connectivity, it supports 2g, 3G and 4G as standard and, via WiFi, it supports the 802.11 b/g/n standard.

This terminal has a 2,750 mAh capacity battery that will get us through the day without too many problems.

Cubot continues to eat sales to the big brands.

The Cubot X16 is, so to speak, the little brother of the X15 since the specifications of both phones are practically identical. In both cases we have the same Mediatek 6735 processor and Mali T720 graphics card, as well as the same amount of RAM in 2 GB.

No, the difference in this case is about having a smaller screen, in this case going down to 5 inches, although its resolution remains fixed at 1920 x 1080 pixels. And the thickness of the terminal also decreases, going from the 7.3 mm of the Cubot X15 to the 6.9 of the X16 and making it a really thin device.

You can get these two terminals and many more from Cubot from today until November 4 with huge discounts in the Everbuying store thanks to a special sales event that will be held there during these days, so Hurry up and don’t run out of your Cubot terminal.

Cubot continues to eat sales to the big brands.