Cult animated series for adults will get new seasons.

Adult animated series in the comedy convention are very popular with many viewers, especially overseas. It is enough to mention that the cult Simpsons have been on the air for 31 years and so far there is little evidence that we will see their ending soon. However, this is not the only item of this type produced by 20th Television (formerly known as 20th Century Fox Television) and offered by Fox. Apart from that, there are also Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers, which also cannot complain about the lack of interest from both the recipients and various awarding bodies. It should therefore not be surprising that there was a message that they were extended by two more seasons (via Deadline).

Family Guy has been on screens for eleven years.

In this way, Family Guy, a production created by Seth MacFarlane about the crazy adventures of the Griffin family and their friends living in the American town of Quahog, will see its 20th and 21st seasons, and Bob’s Burgers presenting the story of the title Bob, who with the help of wife and three children trying to run a burger restaurant, will receive the 12th and 13th seasons. However, it will be some time before they debut on the air. For now, we are waiting for the first episodes of the 19 and 11 seasons of both of these series, respectively. It will happen next Sunday, September 27.

Cult animated series for adults will get new seasons

Bob’s Burgers can be seen in our country, for example, on the air of Fox Comedy.

Here’s how about extending production Family of Guy and Bob’s Burgers Michael Thorn spoke, responsible for the Entertainment department at Fox station:

Cult animated series for adults will get new seasons

Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers are the key pillars of our chain’s success. By taking the genre to new heights and significantly fueling pop culture, they laid the foundations for making Animation Domination one of the strongest programming blocks in all of television. Both of these extensions reaffirm our commitment to animation and give us the opportunity to continue building our leadership position when it comes to expressive and fresh comedy. We would like to thank Seth , Loren and their teams, not to mention our partners at 20th Television, and we’re excited to continue producing these great shows with them.

For the coming years, fans of animated comedies, especially those shown on Fox, should not complain about the lack of material, especially since Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons are just the tip of the iceberg. IN preparation there is even a new series from Dan Harmon, known more widely as the creator of such productions as Community and Rick and Morty. It is expected to debut in spring 2022.

Cult animated series for adults will get new seasons
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