Cuphead can now be played in “Legacy” version on PC.

Along with the 1.1.4 update for cuphead, released this week, StudioMDHR reported that players can now enjoy the game in a “Legacy” version.

According to a note posted on Steam, this version of the game has no patches and will not receive any support from the developer. It contains all the bugs that were present in cuphead until the arrival of the first update.

To play the game the way it was on September 29, the date it was released, just go to “Properties” on Steam, then the “Betas” tab and select “legacy – no patches – use at your own risk” under “Select which beta you want to participate in”. StudioMDHR warns you to be careful however as it switches to the Legacy version of cuphead it can corrupt or even erase your current save files.

Cuphead can now be played in “Legacy” version on PC

The reason why the studio gave this game option to players was not disclosed. However, I’ve read comments from some players saying they’d love to see certain bugs in the game kept, like one that allows you to create a Mugman army, which may perhaps have motivated the people responsible for cuphead to make this Legacy version available.