Castle Pub CWB is the name of the themed bar inspired by the “Super Mario Bros” series that recently opened in Curitiba, Paraná. GameHall was on site and spoke with the owners Maicon Jhair and Elen de Melo Teixeira, two law students who had the idea when they went to Washington, USA, and visited a bar with the same theme (which has a queue of up to 2 hours ).

“I think Curitiba was in need of a different place like this”, says Elen. “The idea was to make a nostalgic bar, where people come in and remember their childhood, and nothing more striking for the childhood of many than Mario Bros“.

“We are addicted to Mario and we love beer, so it was the perfect combination“, completes the partner-owner Maicon.

The space is completely decorated with references to the game, from the menu to the bathrooms, which have images of Mario and Peach on the doors (images below). Iconic elements from the mustachioed plumber games like green pipes, question boxes, coins, characters and enemies are scattered throughout the location.

But doesn’t all that Nintendo character-inspired visuals raise concerns of a Big N lawsuit? “Not really, we already have lawyers prepared for this eventuality”, says Maicon.

“All of this here is just an inspiration, we don’t use their names or Nintendo’s, it’s like a birthday party with Mario decorations“, explains Elen.

The menu is focused on drinks including several types of draft beers, drinks and shots, all with names inspired by the franchise such as Koopas (a shot made with tequila, triple sec, salt, Bacardí and lemon and which has been on fire), Bomb Explosion (drink with vodka, curaçao, lemon juice and pop rockets, balls that burst in the mouth), Attack of Piranha (drink with a shot inside the other and with tequila, blue curaçao, lemon, grenadine and cherry liqueur) and the Pink Paradise (tequila, triple sec, pink lemonade vodka, lemon wedges and Corona beer), a drink especially for the girls (or Princess Peach fans).

It is worth highlighting the giant caipirinha, with 9 liters, available in strawberry, lemon and kiwi flavors and which costs R$ 199. To eat there are portions of rustic potatoes, canoe and wavy potatoes, and bird chicken. And soon, the house will serve hamburgers with buns colored in pink, yellow and blue, to remember the characters – the potatoes will also be colored.

The house also has a space reserved for bands and musicians, who play different styles depending on the day.

Finally, we asked the partners if they suffered criticism for using characters so dear to children as a bar for adults. “We receive many calls from people who want to have children’s parties here, who think that the house is a place for children, but it is not. Here is a place for adults to drink a beer with a pleasant and different atmosphere, but there is no problem if you want to bring your children”, they explain.

Cool huh? Gone to enjoy a night out with Mario and company?


Castle Pub CWB

Address: Avenida Silva Jardim, 4019, Rebouças, Curitiba.

Phone: (41) 3092-4019