After the latest news about that CD Projekt was going to dedicate now body and soul to Cyberpunk 2077, I couldn’t help but search the trunk of memories and dust off the old Cyberpunk 2,020 (role-playing game on which this video game is based) and re-watch the trailer for Cyberpunk 2,077 to unravel its secrets, draw my theories, share them with you and give a little explanation about what the world of Cyberpunk

The universe of Cyberpunk 2.020

The game is set in a dystopian year 2020, ruled by ubiquitous megacorporations above the law. The timeline of the game begins to separate from the current one in the 80s, until reaching a hypothetical 2020 in which many technologies have been surpassed today.

Despite this, the generalized environment is that of a society in decline, where the human being has become a destroyer of the ecosystem, reaching the limit of having instead of an ozone layer, a dense layer of toxic gases that prevent the passage of light. In Cyberpunk 2020 it rains almost every day of the year, but when it is not, a dark sky covers the city.

Why Cyberpunk 2.077 and not Cyberpunk 2.020?

Here begins one of my theories, I think it’s simply a matter of time line. We are in 2015, and this game we do not even know if it will come out in 2016, 2017 or you know when, and it would be illogical to set a world so technologically advanced one or two years after the game’s release. According to the timeline of the role-playing game, by now the first human being would have been cloned, and we would already see people with cyber arms on the street as commonplace. To say this I base myself on the following: Cyberpunk was born in the 80s, in its first edition, it was set in 2013; in the 90s, the second edition appeared, with the same story, but now set in 2020; at the beginning of 2000 the third edition appeared (Cyberpunk v3.0, a failure according to many), and the years “rolled” again, now 2030. I think that CD Projekt has simply made the same move, and has “rolled” the years until 2,077, I do not think it has advanced the plot since, both the setting and the technology seen in the trailer, is similar to the one described in the book (we’ll talk about this later).

About the trailer song …

This was not sure whether to put it or not … but in the end I decided to include it, because I doubt this is mere chance. The song, as surely many will know, is called “Bullets”, from the group “Archive”. In Cyberpunk 2.020, the most famous rocker of the moment, is called Johny Silverhand, and his most famous song and that made him jump to fame, is called, coincidentally, also “Bullets”

Where will the game take place?

The game will take place in Night City, although it was to be expected, I came to think that perhaps CD Projekt will set the video game in another city to have more freedom in the story, but I think that developing the video game in the main city of the role-playing game, is quite a success. How do I know this? easy, if we stop the video at minute 1:29, we can see that the police badge is written (in English): “Night City Police Department”

And here, a brief introduction about the city of Night City

Cyberlocura or Cyberpsychosis

“Something happens when you start adding metal and plastic to people. They start to change. And it’s not good.”

Before moving on to the next point, I have to explain what Cyberpsychosis is in this world. Cyberpsychosis is a mental illness in which the accumulation of cybernetic equipment causes the breakdown of an already unstable personality. At first, the victim begins to interact more with machines than with humans. Soon, he begins to shy away from people. Eating and sleeping become less important. Eventually, interactions with humans begin to irritate him, culminating in a terrible rage that completely consumes the victim. It is moved by an exasperating hatred towards other humans or living beings. At this point, there is no turning back, he becomes a mechanized killer psychopath.

Once this is known … I move on to the next point.

About the girl and the cops

The girl has all the earmarks of having succumbed to cyber madness. As dark as Cyberpunk is, where murder is around every corner, it is not normal for someone to go out into the street and make a massacre, that is typical of someone who has fallen into cyberpsychosis. Also, looking at the trailer … minute 1:27, we can see that the patch on the shoulder cop says “MAX-TAC”. The MAX-TAC is the Maximum Force Tactical Division of the Night City Police, and its purpose is to hunt down and destroy Cyber ​​Psychopaths.

In addition, the weapons that the policemen carry are Sternmeyers, submachine guns and heavy assault rifles that are normally used by Psycho-squads.

Why slow motion?

Another theory, I think the trailer is from the point of view of the girl, who has a coprocessor in her head called “Kerenzikov”. Said coprocessor is grafted into the base of the spine, and allows the user to go at a speed much higher than normal, PERMANENTLY, entailing a great danger, since it involves a great cost to humanity having to adapt to a world that It’s much slower than you, that’s why most end up crazy and falling into cyberpsychosis. That’s why I think the trailer goes in slow motion, because she sees the world that way. In addition, if you look at the trailer again, the police shoot in a large arc, not only at her, who is only hit by a bullet in the face (and does nothing, implying that she is wearing armor subcutaneous), the only thing that could explain this is that they were shooting at a fast moving target.

The CD Projekt “slip” … the bushings

As the saying goes … nobody is perfect, and as I have commented here more than once, CD Projekt made a mistake when inserting caps. And in story lines, it is a serious mistake. In the Cyberpunk 2.020 universe, shell ammunition no longer exists, making it very difficult to identify weapons, among other things. There are different references in the book and its complements on this, but it would be to take many photos … so I will only put one that makes it very clear.

The rest … for the comments!

Although it may not seem like it, there are more things to gut in the trailer, such as the netrunner at the end, the Cyberware corporation that appears in the trailer, like c … the policeman goes in 2 seconds from not being, to being behind her and then pointing her (you have to see in the background to realize this), the girl’s team, but I’ll save these things for comments. I hope this “gut” of mine from the trailer has whetted your appetite for Cyberpunk 2.077 even more!