Here you have another new installment of the guide with the best weapons for free Cyberpunk 2077 and, after finding the talking gun Skippy, today it’s time to go for Cyberpunk 2077’s best submachine gun, the Mark V inspired by Iron Man’s explosive missiles.

Map to get the best weapon in Cyberpunk 2077: Mark V submachine gun

To get the Mark V submachine gun, a very powerful smart submachine gun with explosive bullets that will make your enemies explode, it’s time to go to the eastern part of the city, specifically to a factory in Arasaka where you can get the prototype.

On these lines you have a Map to find the exact position of the factory. Once inside make sure to finish off the guards – or enter at night using stealth – and head to the bottom of the ship.

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There, hidden in a container marked with the number 4 you will find the Mark V submachine gun. Be careful when entering because there is a mine that can derail your plan and alert the guards. I hope you left someone alive so you can test it.

Video to get the best weapon in Cyberpunk 2077: Mark V submachine gun

Here you have a video in which you can see how to find the prototype of Arasaka No problem. The turrets at the entrance can be of great help if you decide to break in, so don’t destroy them if you have the option to make them allies.

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