Since Cyberpunk 2077 was released on December 10, we have not stopped seeing graphical comparisons of all kinds between the different platforms, especially after discovering that in the previous generation consoles the game has a very poor performance, but How far can you go down?

If Digital Foundry is the right channel to see deep analysis at a technical level with comparisons, measurements on resolutions and frame rates and performance in general, you have to resort to the channel LowSpecGamer To the contrary: if you want to know what happens to games by putting them to a minimum and even below what the games themselves allow by modifying certain files by hand, this is your place.

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How could it be otherwise, the last victim LowSpecGamer has been Cyberpunk 2077. Take a look at the video:

The main objective of the experiment is to check whether it is possible to run the CD Projekt RED game on a low-end PC with an integrated graphics card. It all starts with adjusting to the minimum everything adjustable in the configuration menus themselves. Cyberpunk 2077, but the game has limits below which you don’t want anyone to pass. It is at that moment when it is time to go to the installation directory of the game and adjust certain values ​​by hand in a specific file so that the menu, now, allows the resolution scaler to be able to go down beyond what is stipulated by default.

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From there, tweaking everything necessary and even testing the game using a AMD Athlon 3000G With integrated Vega 3 graphics, the most infernal results are obtained. The hairless characters thing is delicious.

But beware, combat performance seems to be higher on a potato computer with all these settings than what the PS4 sometimes offers, according to the author of the video. The final conclusion, for now because there is a second part of the video on the way, is that Cyberpunk 2077 it can be played on a very undemanding machine without getting completely broken.

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