Path of Glory

V wakes up in Night City after Johnny is stuck in cyberspace. Take a shower first and then get dressed if you want. Wait for the AV while taking the call from Emmerick Bronson.

Once the AV has arrived, you get in and let yourself be taken to the afterlife. Once you have reached your destination, get out of the AV and take the elevator down to the Afterlife.

Go inside and if you want you can talk to Claire. Then chat with your customer Mr. Blue Eyes. Chat about a new job.

Shortly afterwards you are in a spaceship on the way to Crystal Palace. Get up, go back and arm yourself, then put on your helmet. Once you’ve done that, you enter the airlock, then adjust the pressure in it. Now leave the airlock and you will automatically fly over to the space station.

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New Dawn Fades

V was lagged behind in cyberspace and Johnny is now living in his body. You come to yourself and should read the message from the automated delivery system, which tells you that an order is ready to be picked up.

Take your things with you in the apartment, especially that Bus ticket, then leave the apartment. Walk a few doors down and talk to Steve on the intercom. Talk to him, then follow him outside.

This is where Steve’s father gets involved, not the friendliest guy who slaps Steve in the face. Correct him, then go on with Steve and get into the car. Let him take you to the Time Machine. Talk to Steve a little while driving.

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Once you have reached your destination, get out and enter the shop. Talk to the shopkeeper there and tell her that you have the real goods want to see, then you go into the back room, where you choose one of the two guitars in front of you. Then play on her, talk to Steve and let him play a little. Then pay for the guitar and then you get out of there.

Get out of the car at the cemetery and check the columbarium map. Find the alcove, V’s grave, open it, then put the ball inside. Then leave the columbarium again and talk to Steve. Then you get on the bus, which is there at the bus stop. Use the ticket at the machine, stow your bag and leave Night City.

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Don’t Fear The Reaper

Important: In order to trigger this mission, your friendship with Johnny needs a value of at least 70 percent!

This mission is particularly tricky. You lead alone carried out an attack on the Arasaka Tower. And not only that, there are no reset points during this time, so you only have one chance. If you fail, the credits follow immediately. Of course, you can start again from a point before the mission and try again.

As I said: it is definitely not easy. Make sure that you have good equipment and that you are prepared for different combat situations, that you are highly leveled and that you have a broad repertoire of skills.

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Your goal is to fight your way through the main entrance of the Arasaka Tower. From there it goes via an elevator through the Netrunner department to Mikoshi. Areas that also appear at the other ends. If you’ve already seen them, this might help you a little with the preparations.

You are dealing with high-level opponents, including again Adam Smasher as a boss fight. It’s a legendary ending. And one that you’d really best save for last, if your V is strong enough for it.

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