Analytical company M Science calculated that the volume of pre-orders Cyberpunk 2077 31% lower than it was Red dead redemption 2 for the same period before release. In their opinion, the presales of the Polish RPG are weaker than expected, even the last two parts surpass them. Call of dutyCold war by 67% and Modern warfare by 14%.

The analysts made their conclusions on the total sales on Xbox and PlayStation. However, the data they collected only take into account the last year. And as we remember, accepting pre-orders started in June 2019, then it became known about the participation of Keanu Reeves – and probably a significant number of players placed an order immediately after that.

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An important role in evaluating data is also played by the fact that they are labeled domestically – “within the country” and do not take into account sales on PCs. And outside the United States, games on personal computers are just as popular.

You can also remember that the release of Cyberpunk 2077 will take place in a difficult period: the world is already in an economic crisis, and then new consoles are coming out. So it’s okay if some of the fans CD Projekt Red postponed the purchase of the game until better times.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out on November 19, and the creators have already begun the final push: for the sake of this, even giving up one day off.

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Source : Game Informer

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