Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Stations: How to choose them and what themes they are. When we talk about Sandbox Games such as Grand Theft Auto and CyberPunk2077, one of the most important attractions in the immersion of these, is the radio stations, which in addition to providing music to accompany you in your vehicle while you progress in the city, is very varied to many tastes for the various players.

Radio stations:

It is important to know what the radio stations have, since you not only have to be guided by the name of these, since perhaps you will find a new favorite song or by an artist that you recognize, and for this the ideal is to know that kind of music they provide

  • 3 Pacific Dreams – Full of ambient and calm music, pacifying as the name suggests, ideal for missions in the desert or slow driving.
  • 3 Radio Vexelstrom – Offers a Rock & Roll to a futuristic style with power tools and synthesizers, as well as industrial rock.
  • 9Royal Blue Radio – Classical Jazz music, this unlike the other stations, are songs created before the game, licensed to appear here, shows artists such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and various classical jazz singers.
  • 9 NIGHT FM – Here you will find the music that is of the Cyberpunk genre as it is promoted, it is mostly EDM (Or Electronic Dance Music). You can hear variety like House, Techno, Hard Dances and various genres.
  • 1 Ritual FM – Rock never dies, not even in the year 2077, this radio station is based on Hardcore Rock from the 80s, it is Black and Death metal, with appearances by the bands Tomb Mold and Converge.
  • 7 Body Heat Radio – Futuristic pop music artists, taking into account the growing influence of J-pop and K-pop from time to time. This station features characters like Grimes and Gazelle Twin, based on real life people.
  • 0 The Dirge – The Dirge is the station where you find Hip-Hop and Rap, where every song feels like a “live show” in edit, so you will hear popular artists like Run the Jewels and ASAP Rocky.
  • 5 Radio PEBKAC – As strange as its name, on this radio it will be in a style of industrial techno music, added to it avant-garde electronics, with a little appearance of ambient electronics. There are no artists in this station, but some very exceptional and futuristic rhythms.
  • 9 TOP 30 – Making references to many Latin radio stations as the top 25, this one is made up of Reggaeton, Latin hip-hop and more to give you that unique style of Latin radio music in Cyberpunk2077. As a detail, these radios are heard a lot in the Latino characters.
  • 3 Radio Morro Rock – A radio that still remains in the past, like Royal Blue Radio, this one focuses on a much more classic Rock and Metal, without using much electronics and synthesizers, if you are fans of 90s Rock, you will be playing this station in your vehicles while doing your missions.