With an engaging storyline, open world gameplay and stunning graphics, Cyberpunk 2077 he has everything he needs to be successful. Through a press release, it was revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 will support NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 which improves performance, as well as new details on how the game will use the laser tracing, show yourself in this new trailer.

Players can expect to try out the following ray tracing features in Cyberpunk 2077 at launch:

  • Ray tracing and environmental occlusion: Ambient occlusion is a shading and rendering technique used to calculate the amount of exposure of each point in a scene to ambient lighting. The result is a diffuse shading effect that darkens enclosed and sheltered areas and improves the overall tone of the rendered image. In Cyberpunk 2077, ray tracing and ambient occlusion can also be used with local lights to enhance effects in the absence of shadows.
  • Ray-tracing and diffused lighting: This technique is used to capture the glow of the sky and the lighting of various surfaces, which is difficult to achieve with traditional rendering techniques.
  • Reflexes Ray Tracing: In Cyberpunk 2077, ray tracing reflections are used on all surfaces and can trace intervals of up to several kilometers. They are present on opaque and transparent objects to simulate the way light is reflected off shiny and metallic surfaces by tracing a single bounce of reflection rays against the scene. This includes natural mirrors as smooth as window glass, but also rougher surfaces such as satin metal. Ray-traced reflections incorporate the entire scene around the character and can accurately represent objects out of view of the camera or away from the camera.
  • Shadows and ray tracing: Cyberpunk 2077 preview shows directional shadows of the sun and moon. These shadows aim to be physically precise enough to scatter the light from the clouds. Shadows can be improved in the final version to support other types of light sources where needed.
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Support for Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 will be available when the game launches on November 19.

« Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games of all time“Said Jason Paul, vice president of GeForce Platform Marketing at NVIDIA. “Combined with the incredible narrative and extraordinary ability of CD PROJEKT RED, RTX-based ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 help make Cyberpunk 2077 a must-have game of 2020« .

Source : Reddit