Cyberpunk 2077 receives patch 1.06 and removes the 8MB limit on PC save files to avoid corrupted games

What’s New in Cyberpunk 2077, Which You Keep Getting new patches every few days because he has no other. We don’t want to imagine the h**l developers must be going through to fix everything, honestly. Hotfix 1.06 is now available for PC and consoles, we tell you what it includes.

Of all the post-launch patches that the game has received, I think this is the most concise in terms of notes and at the same time one of the most important, since removes the 8MB limit of weight that the saved files had on PC. This is important not because of the limit itself, which was also somewhat arbitrary, but because upon reaching that weight the file was corrupted and the game was totally useless and without the possibility of recovering it.

Despite having removed this limit to prevent corrupted files from being generated, CD Projekt RED ensures that it will continue to investigate why the save files are being larger than expected. And another important thing: hotfix 1.06 fixes this from now on, thereby corrupted pre-patch files will remain unusable.

The update includes only two other changes. One of them is specific to the console version of Cyberpunk 2077 and it is an improvement in memory management and stability, which in principle should result in a decrease in the number of hangs.

The latest change has to do with a character named Dum dum that he had to appear at the entrance of the Totentanz club during a certain mission and he did not. The patch has fixed this problem.

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