A new round of Cyberpunk 2077 rumors has arrived, and with it comes the possibility that CD Projekt Red’s game will receive a slew of cool stuff in what appears to be the company’s attempt to make up for lost time and trust.

the possible leak it was shared on 4chan, so all information should be treated as rumours. Anyway, while not exactly the most reliable source, when it comes to leaks the platform has been used by legitimate sources several times. That said, let’s get to the information.

According to the anonymous source, the patch 1.5 of the game will bring the upgrade to the current generation of consoles and will be treated with a kind of relaunch of the title, now called Cyberpunk 2077: Samurai Edition. CDPR would be preparing a live broadcast, scheduled for next month, in which it would reveal the update, the first expansion and an anime inspired by the game.

O update may bring new features such as a barber shop and a garage, in addition to improvements in the Artificial Intelligence of the characters and the addition of the transmog system. The game is yet to undergo a complete rebalance of the loot system and gain a new user interface.

The developer would also be preparing free DLCs, including four new weapons, customization of the protagonist’s apartment, new jobs and the possibility to restart the story with New Game+. In addition, Judy and Panam should also start sending more text messages throughout the plot.

already about the first expansion, the leaker says it will take place in Pacifica, being “pretty big”. According to him, players will be able to explore and carry out missions in the “Combat Zone”, where they will have to fight against two new gangs. The new opponents would be the Bozos, “violent psychopathic clowns with a sick sense of humor” and the Slaughterhouse, “violent fascist psychopaths”.

According to the leak, this new area “looks pretty inspired by the STALKER game”. One second expansion would be in the early stages of planning, but should only be released if the first one is a success.

The leak also claims that Cyberpunk 2077 will get a mini game, similarly to The Witcher 3’s Gwent. In the futuristic adventure, however, players must enter cyberspace to collect and control monsters in the best JRPG style — with even multiplayer support. The leaker claims to have seen two monsters, one similar to a Reaper and the other similar to an Oni.

Finally, CD Projekt Red is working on the anime Cyberpunk 2077: Edgerunners, being responsible for the script. Animation is in charge of Studio Trigger, from Kill la Kill and Darling in the Franxx. The leaker would have had access to the anime, which he described as “absolutely insane”, being a “beautiful 2D animation” that reminded him of Akira.

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