The 1.5 update of cyberpunk 2077 implemented the possibility of modifying the physical appearance of the character, and it seems that more customization tools are on the way. Users have identified a transmog (transfiguration) tool in the game’s code, which will finally allow choosing the appearance of clothing items without sacrificing their attributes.

Despite being a first-person game, the character’s look is an essential part of CP 2077. At the beginning of the story it is perfectly possible to choose items that create for V an appearance that reflects his personality, but as the game progresses this becomes increasingly difficult. more and more difficult.

Looks that reflect the character

CD Projekt RED focused much of the game’s promotion on freedom of customization, but even if the origin and player choices are from a Corpe, for example, it’s difficult to reach the end of the game actually looking like a Corpe.

Cyberpunk disclosure focused a lot on freedom of customizationSource: CD Projekt RED

So much so, the possibility of defining the appearance of V’s clothes has also been demanded by the community since launch, and it will arrive soon, at least partially. The modder, DJ_Kovrik, identified in the version 1.5 code references to a still-in-development transfiguration system. At first, the system will not allow defining a specific appearance for each piece of clothing, but it will be possible to hide parts that are out of line with the look.

Mod already allows you to hide items of clothing before the function is officially implementedSource: Nexusmods

The tool is not yet implemented in the current version of the game, but the user found that it is possible to activate it for the character’s head and face slots. Also, the modder has developed a simple modification that enables functionality for all slots.

Once you throw it, it gets back to you like a boomerang. Classic cyber-knife.

This and some other changes to #Cyberpunk2077 were covered in our latest stream, now also available on Youtube!


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Although it is still not the solution that players would like for their characters, it is worth mentioning that the CD Projekt stated that it intends to release more big updates to Cyberpunk throughout the year, some of them focused on expanding customization options.

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