Cyberpunk 2077: Where are all the legendary weapons, armor and clothing pieces. Cyberpunk2077, like Sandbox and RPG, offers its games from other franchises like Fallout and The Witcher, legendary weapons and armor, which can be secret, or at a very high price.

But for experienced players, or with the requirements to find these items, this guide on how to create/get the legendary special items will make it very satisfying to be able to pass the high difficulty missions with special or unique weapons, as well as being very varied, or who have special abilities.

Creation of Legendary Weapons and Armor.

Once we understand how the items in the game work, that the rarer they are, the more effective they are, regardless of whether it is the same type of weapon/armor, we can notice that high level enemies can drop rare or uncommon definition items, without reach the necessary legendary.

Once you put 20 points in the technical skill slot, a skill branch called Crafts Merc. This will allow us to create items of a higher rarity if we have several items of the same plus additional items, this is very effective if you are fond of a specific type of weapon or armor and that is the one you want to progress.

It is also possible to pick up legendary weapons, these are usually carried by the crimes of the organized crime gangs of which you are an enemy, although the type of weapon and statistics are completely random, with the same abilities of Merc Crafts You will be able to disassemble and create weapons, so you can destroy the weapons and armor of the enemies you neutralize, in order to unlock and create new items of better rarity.

Additionally, you can get Emblematic Weapons, these are usually very specific to characters or Easter Eggs winks of Anime or Action Series characters, they are more difficult to obtain, and it is not recommended to disassemble them because in addition to losing it, it will not give you the specific ability of that weapon. One of these weapons is Johnny Silverhand’s Hand Cannon.

Buy clothes and weapons with legendary parts.

Taking into account if we have a high reputation in the game, and a lot of Eurodollars available, we can go to one of the various stores available in NightCity and buy something that interests you, if you don’t see something for sale according to your price or your tastes, you can wait 48 hours of the game (ie like 20 minutes)

  • Badlands Shop: Fresko style clothing
  • Wellsprings Store: Cowboy outfit, Sun Spark infovisor, Daemon Hunter tank top, Silver Rock biker vest and Gold Fury pants.
  • Coastview Store: Anti-Poison Clothes, Soft Sole and Cut c.
  • Arroyo clothing store: Fresko and Antivenino style clothing
  • Rancho Coronado clothing store: Fresko and Antivenino style clothing
  • Kabuki clothing store: Super Insulating Style
  • Little China clothing store: Fresko Style and Deadly Eye
  • Charter Hill Store: Deadly Eye and Predator Style
  • Appel de Paris (Corporate Center): Anti-Venom Style clothing and build specs for Geisha combat shirt, Deadly Lagoon jacket, Uni ware Brass office pants, and Kasen exo-military boots.
  • Jinguji (Center): Panacea-style clothing and crafting specs for Emerald Speed’s Hat, AoiTora’s Crown, PinkDragon’s Skirt, and Daemon Hunter’s Shoes.
  • Blossoming Sakura Tailor (Japantown): Predator style clothing
  • Karim’s Vinyls (Japantown): The Samurai Tour 2020 Shirt.
  • Badlands Gun Shop: Copperhead D5, Lexington m-10AF, Liberty, Sidewinder D5 and Chao A-22B.
  • Downtown Gun Shop: Auiles M179e, Zhuo L-69, Shingen TKI-20.
  • The Glen Gun Shop: Testera DB-2 and Ashura.
  • King’s View Weapon Shop: Masamune HJSH-18 and Testera DB-2.
  • Wellsprings Gun Shop: Grad SPT32 and Kenshin JKE-X2.
  • West Wind Gun Shop: Palica DB-4 and Tactician M2038.
  • Arrollo Gun Shop: Overture and Grand SPT32.
  • Rancho Coronado Gun Store: Crusher and Nue.
  • Japantown Gun Shop: Omaha M-76e, Carnage and Machete.
  • Clean shot (Kabuki): Katana, Satara DB-2, Hammer, Nova DR5 and Defender.
  • Second Amendment (Little China): Baseball bat and Unity.
  • Iron and lead (Northern Industrial District): Knife, Pulsar DS1 and Nekomata.