You know that things have gone out of hand when nothing surprises you anymore, and with Cyberpunk 2077 we’ve crossed that line a long time ago. The last Martian some players have encountered is the curious origin of the map’s 2D traffic.

Although we have seen more elaborate hand tricks in the world of virtual magic, the truth is that the use of 2D models to give the sensation of life in the distance they are nothing new. In fact it is a fairly common strategy.

If you fly over the GTA V map, to take the clearest example, you will also be able to see cars of this style, but in that case it is much more successful than in the game of CD Projekt Red.

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Unfortunately the traffic of Cyberpunk 2077 It breaks the realism because these types of fake vehicles are painted too close to your position, thus causing that when you approach at high speed with one of the best vehicles in the game you will come face to face with the mirage. That and that, as you will see in the following video, traffic comes from anywhere.

2D cars come out of the water on a closed road from r / cyberpunkgame

It does not matter if the road leads to a ravine or starts at the bottom of a lake, if you look at it from afar you will see 2D vehicles appear destined to give that feeling of a living city that the game pursues with the trick. Now that the cake has been uncovered, players are sure to hunt for more strange origins for him game traffic.

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