Cyberpunk what kind of game is it?.

Cyberpunk What kind of game is it? Currently we find different types of games, however, there are always some that stand out above others, this is the case of Cyberpunk 2077, which is a slightly different game from what we were used to seeing but which received a lot of criticism from the public, if you want to know more then I invite you to stay with us so that you know a little more about said game.


In order to delve a little into the history of this recently released game, you must know a little about its inspiration, this game is idealized under the inspiration of Cyberpunk 2020, which is a role-playing game very similar to Dungeons and Dragons, which is a game of paper and pencil that implies using your imagination, the difference is that this takes us to a context a little more similar to reality.

Cyberpunk what kind of game is it?


At the moment we enter the video game we will find ourselves as I already mentioned a decision-making role that in any case mostly converges in a main line to take you to the end of the game, however, Cyberpunk 2077 beyond being a game fun to have different endings it’s fun to know how you get to the end no matter how unique your ideas are; it is part of its essence to do everything the way we want.

You basically have 3 different options that will develop throughout the game, from being a Nomad (which takes place on the outskirts of the city), a street kid (a character who returns to his family after a while) or finally Corpo (a high-ranking person who is fired due to incompetence) in all three cases they will converge in the same sequence but in a different way, and the decisions are up to you, find out the rest because we do not want to spoil the entire game for you.

Cyberpunk what kind of game is it?

How is the game?

It is something totally different from the usual with a world where we can see what the Cyberpunk genre is as such and that can catch you in its history, Answering the question of what kind of game is cyberpunkit could be said that it is a first-person RPG-type game with a large amount of dialogues and interactions to make it a relatively long game and with context, especially in the main missions.

What makes this game fun?

Beyond being a fairly linear game, you can see a lot of glitches and bugs that can be comical and lead you to think that they were made on purpose to avoid thinking that it was a boring game and without much to do, without a doubt if you want to have a good time having fun with bugs there is nothing better than Cyberpunk 2077 because you will find many of these bugs that look as comical as possible. As well as the memes that will make you laugh along the way.

Cyberpunk what kind of game is it?

Why is it considered bad by critics?

The number of bugs and crashes makes this game a bit unplayable because you must learn to deal with these errors to be able to follow the story, it is considered one of the worst games of the decade and the number of errors makes it impossible to live the plot of the game and enjoy it, in the same way that at first the bugs are funny, after a while it is annoying and tedious. Cyberpunk what kind of game is we can say different and unique in its kind.

If you want to play it anyway, it has good points depending on how you play it or where you play it, if you are thinking of playing it you should know that it has some pretty amazing game mechanics and that they help you think that it is better than what they say, the amount of skills and scores makes it a deeper game and shines by making you experience all the abilities of each character, it rewards you for playing your way and its story as a thriller is incredible.

Cyberpunk what kind of game is it?