Strictly Limited Games and TAITO are pleased to announce Darius Cozmic Revelation, including G-DARIUS HD and DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+. Darius Cozmic Revelation will be released physically on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 for the West as a Limited and Collector’s Edition. Pre-order starts September 27, 2020 only at www.strictlylimitedgames.com.

G-DARIUS HD and DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX+ are the two 3D games of the Darius series, both of which will feature updated features that will appeal to both newcomers and longtime fans of the series.

G-DARIUS HD is the high-resolution port of “G DARIUS” – developed by the emulation specialists at M2. The game can also be played in low resolution, like in the original arcade version.

From the epic boss battles to the memorable soundtrack, G-DARIUS stood out when it was first released in the arcades, and to this day critics and fans praise it as a prime example of how to take a 2D game series on the market. right way to 3D.

DARIUSBURST Another Chronicle EX + is the latest version of the great DARIUSBURST series that started on PSP in 2009, with beautiful 3D graphics and additional features to expand the arcade version from 2010. The game is developed by Pyramid and will contain all the features of the arcade version. of “Another Chronicle EX”, as well as several new elements that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The limited edition costs 59.99 €. The Nintendo Switch Edition is limited to 3500 copies worldwide, while the PlayStation 4 Edition is limited to 2000 copies worldwide.

Darius Cozmic Revelation Collector’s Edition costs 139.99 € and contains many great and exclusive items:

  • Darius Cozmic Revelation Game (PS4/NSW)
  • Papercraft – DARIUSBURST Arcade Game Cabinet
  • Hardcover book: 128 pages official book “DARIUS ODYSSEY -COZMIC VOYAGER- fully localized in English, including special interviews and discussions with developers and game experts
  • SLG Exclusive Flyer DariusBurst AC
  • SLG Exclusive Flyer G-Darius
  • SLG Exclusive BluRay (Region Free): “DARIUSBURST ANOTHER CHRONICLE Live in O-EAST -revolt-” Includes Bonus Track with Audi Sorlie and John Linneman
  • OST: “DARIUS THE OMNIBUS III” (provisional name)
  • SLG-exclusive CE Box with magnetic closure
  • SLG Exclusive Retro PCB Box
  • SLG-exclusive 4-set acrylic art cards
  • SLG exclusive acrylic stand
  • SLG-exclusive Darius Revelation Pin

The Nintendo Switch Collector’s Edition is limited to 2500 copies worldwide, while the PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition is limited to 1500 copies worldwide.