Darkest Dungeon’s free PvP mode will hit Steam today.

The expansion adding PVP to Darkest Dungeon, announced on April 1, did not turn out – to the surprise of many – just a joke from Red Hook. The final confirmation here is the last entry of the creators on the official website of the game. Developers released the release date The Butcher’s Circus. The add-on will debut today (for now only on Steam). The exact time has not been given, but the creators plan to make the new content available around 19:00 Polish time. Of course, the DLC will require the base game, but in itself will be completely free. The lack of microtransactions has also been confirmed – all new products will be obtained only through in-game activities.

It’s no secret that Darkest Dungeon is quite a demanding production, which can scare away many people considering buying the game, even after considerable (and frequent) discounts. Fortunately, the premiere of PVP will coincide with another event related to the game. At 19:00 the first free weekend with Darkest Dungeon on Steam (via PCGamer). You will be able to check the title for free until 19:00 on Monday, June 1. It is possible that the promotion will be accompanied by a sale covering the game and add-ons, as is often the case during free weekends (and what one of the creators on Reddit seems to suggest). However, even if you just want to check out PvP in TheButcher’s Circus, you’ll have four whole days to party.

The main attraction of The Butcher’s Circus is the titular Butcher’s Circus, where the heroes will compete with each other in the arena (although without the risk of permanent death). Each victory will allow us to increase our rank and unlock further elements of the banner. The game will also include new trinkets for characters dedicated to the PvP mode. Of course, the fight looks a bit different. The order in which the heroes act is chosen by the players themselves, and who goes first is decided by a coin toss (although the losing team receives a special buff in the first turn). We will know all the news only after the premiere of The Butcher’s Circus. Speaking of changes – Darkest Dungeon has received a modest update, adding, among others, two new methods of fighting stress and a handful of new options for modders.

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