‘Days Gone’, first impressions of Sony’s game for PS4 with opinions.

Now that ninety percent of Triple-A video games seem to be cut by the same aesthetic pattern because apparently millions can be invested in having the framerate flawless but not in paying a graphic designer to give the aesthetic some of personality, it is more difficult for titles than ever to propose radical differences between one and the other. “That of the rabid originality that the indies take care of”, they seem to say, and that’s how our hair looks.

The highlight of ‘Days Gone’, at least from the one hour preview and a couple of missions that we have been able to test in the Sony offices, is not aesthetic or conceptual originality. Visually it has little to distinguish it from so many other third person action games in shades of gray and blue., realistic and dirty. Its plot is a mixture (you can almost hear the high-concept from here) of two successful television series, and the result of the ___tail, a game that mixes bikers and zombies.

In a post-apocalyptic setting, our hero leaves from a refuge area, where he will have to carry out a couple of missions that we already know very well: the location of a precious object (here some sterilized bandages), for which you will have to locate fuel, start a generator and enter a closed area; and infiltration, based on stealth, in an area where it is at a brutal numerical disadvantage. The path to both places is a forest where it rains almost non-stop and is full of wild animals and zombies (freakers call them here, of a very high ferocity).

‘Days Gone’, first impressions of Sony’s game for PS4 with opinions

The demo that we have tried did not give too much margin to think that at this point ‘Days Gone’ is going to be something extremely special (the combination bikers + zombies already tested it ‘Death Rising 3’), but we know that the game has surprises up its sleeve that we have not seen in the demo. For example, its concept of tides of freakers attacking the protagonist and that can even be used as lemmings, sending them against human enemies, is attractive. Unfortunately, this requires planning and resources that were not available to us today.

The darkness after the apocalypse

Behind ‘Days Gone’ is SIE Bend Studio, which will release the game in 2019 exclusively for Playstation 4. In the late 1990s, the studio gained some fame with one of the iconic Playstation games at the time: ‘Siphon Filter’. Its latest title, a sequel to it, dates from 2010, and lor it is true that there is something old-fashioned, a game belonging to another era in ‘Days Gone’, like a sandbox from a few years ago.

‘Days Gone’, first impressions of Sony’s game for PS4 with opinions

With characters (we are talking, of course, about what we have seen so far) very masculine, very nineties, and missions that sound like a cliché, without a doubt the strengths of the game are in the technology: the atmospheric effects are spectacular and the action will take place respecting the day-night cycles, which will condition the enemies, more powerful and resistant in the dark.

The game favors melee action over shooting, though again, there are more powerful weapons in the game that we have not been able to taste, such as machine guns and powerful explosives. You can’t do much with a revolver, but to get rid of a handful of freakers, the ax that we have providentially found has served its purpose. In the demo, yes, the combat needed some polishing, but in that aspect we are convinced that it will improve, because there is room.

‘Days Gone’, first impressions of Sony’s game for PS4 with opinions

Broadly speaking, we see a game more interesting for what it promises than for what it really offers, but we are aware that in a sandbox it is difficult to get a sensible idea without a few hours of play. Of course, what we should be clear about all, players and industry, is that eThe post-apocalypse should start getting facewashes.