Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards.

The gameplay of Death Stranding is an apparently very simple amalgam: you have to survive the roughness and complete the delivery. In reality, anyone who has crossed the gates of Chapter 3 of the plot will have by now discovered the real vastness of the game world, confronting the dozens of Preppers who inhabit the post-apocalyptic world.

It is the Preppers who stratify the gameplay, rewarding Sam through very useful projects designed to expand the courier’s arsenal from time to time, making travel spicier and simpler at the same time. On this page we have collected all those rewards that they are not part of the plot. Some, such as the Three-Wheeled bike, the Assault Rifle or the Hovercarro, will in fact be unlocked by completing orders for Sam. All the others, however, are completely optional and exclusively linked to the level of bond (the stars) that unites Sam with the survivors.

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Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
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Here is the full list:

Eastern Region

Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards


  • Harmonica: Once you reach level 3 with the Musician, he will reward Sam with the harmonica, an evocative but not very useful tool for gameplay purposes. This is the only optional tool in the Eastern Region.

Ludens fans

Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
  • Ludens Holograms: This is not actual equipment, but the Ludens Fan provides the very rare Ludens holograms with which to adorn your structures.

Central Region

Lake Knot City

Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
  • Load-smoke bait
  • Three wheels: long distance model


  • Powerful exoskeleton (level 1)
  • Powerful exoskeleton (level 2)
  • Powerful exoskeleton (level 3)
  • Smoke Grenade (Level 1)
  • Smoke grenade (level 2)


  • Shooter bolas (level 1)
  • Shooter bolas (level 2)
  • Custom Blood Grenade: This is a special reward. By completing any delivery to the Engineer, he may reward you “one-time” with this particular version of the Blood Grenade.

Logistics center south of Lake Knot City

Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
  • Bridges boots (level 2)
  • Long Distance Truck (level 2)
  • Long Distance Truck (level 3)
  • Line Rifle
  • Pinwheel Amulet: A special backpack amulet that calms your BB.


  • Backpack cover (level 1): The backpack cover is an object that allows you to make all the objects you are carrying on your back immune to the rain timer.
  • Bag cover (level 2)

Weather station

  • Hovercarro (level 2)
  • Weather Amulet: An amulet that influences the rainfall of the cronopioggia. We can’t tell you how effective it actually is.


Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
  • Neutralizer Scanner: With this equipment for the Odradek you will be able to cancel the effect of the scanners of the MULES and the Terrorists, provided you perform a “counter scan” at the right time.
  • Human Detector: With this add-on for Odradek it will be possible to reveal the presence of humans.
  • Porter Ale Beer: By completing the delivery of beer that leads from the Cronofattoria to the Logistics Center south of Lake Knot City, you will replace the Porter Beer at Monster Energy, also unveiling a series of spicy Easter-eggs in the private room.

Junk dealer

  • Rapid Exoskeleton (level 1)
  • Rapid Exoskeleton (level 2)
  • Rapid Exoskeleton (level 3)
  • Stun Radio Bomb: Very useful tool to take out MULES trucks.
  • Stun grenade: Probably the most useful object ever during raids in the fields of the MULES, it will allow you to knock out even 4 opponents at the same time.
  • Custom Chiral Scale: This is a one-time reward following the conclusion of the delivery.

Movie director

  • Holographic Generator: An upgrade to the Odradek that allows you to project the hologram of a rock, making you invisible to the eyes and scanners of the MULES:

Chiral artist’s studio

  • Anti-AC gun (level 1)
  • Anti-AC gun (level 2)
  • Chiral Boots: One-time reward for deliveries to the Studio.


Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
  • Otter hood: A special hood that will allow you to swim very quickly in rivers, as long as you don’t have a load on your shoulders.
  • Grenade Bag (Backpack): Very useful backpack expansion which eliminates the space consumption of grenades.
  • Multifunction bag (backpack): Another very useful expansion of the backpack that eliminates the space consumption of the Blood Bags, and even allows you to equip them automatically, without having to select them from the menu.
  • Large Grenade Bag: Improved version.

South Knot City

  • Defensive Model Truck
  • Three-wheeled Defensive Model
  • Assault Rifle / Non-lethal
  • Shotgun

Secondary station north of Mountain Knot City

  • Armor (level 1 – level 5): In this secondary station you will unlock all levels of Armor, from the first rank up to the fifth.

Logistics Center North of Mountain Knot City

Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
  • Non-Lethal Assault Rifle (level 2)
  • Assault Rifle (level 2)
  • Ammo Bag: Additional expansion for the backpack.
  • Extra Battery (level 2): ​​Add-on for the backpack that increases the life of the batteries of the equipment.
  • Extra Battery (level 3)

Mountain Knot City

  • Non-Lethal Assault Rifle (Level 3)
  • Assault Rifle (level 3)
  • Backpack Stabilizer: Object that allows you to better maintain balance and cushion falls, occupying all the space for the backpack customization.

Robotics expert

  • Multi Terrain Exoskeleton (Level 1): By far the best exoskeleton in the game.
  • Multi-terrain exoskeleton (level 2)
  • Multi-terrain exoskeleton (level 3)


  • Large Blood Bag: Improved version of the Blood Bag available as a one-time reward.


  • Bridges boots (level 3)
  • Climbing Gloves: Special battery-powered gloves that allow you to safely climb and slide off mountains.
  • Chirale Climbing Nail: One-off reward for deliveries to Montanaro.


  • Riot Rifle: This is by far the best non-lethal weapon for clearing the fields of MULES and terrorists.


  • Thermal Generator
  • Like Amulet: Small keychain that allows you to get more Likes.
  • Coin Amulet: Amulet that allows you to find chiral crystals more often.


  • Antigas mask

Evolutionary Biologist

Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards
  • Multiple Rocket Launcher: Finally, the most powerful weapon in the game will be yours once you reach bond level 3.
  • Light Chemicals: One-time reward.

Son of the Writer

  • AC Amulet: A bell-shaped amulet that allows you to distract ACs.
  • Cryptobiont-S: A special Cryptobon that, once eaten, restores all life points to its fullest.

First Prepper

  • Santa Hat: Aesthetic reward for reaching three stars.
  • Monster Energy Amulet: Amulet that increases Sam’s stamina.

Veteran Courier

  • Courier Amulet: A special amulet that allows you to meet allied couriers more often.

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Death Stranding – All NPC and Prepper rewards