Death threats force Square Enix to cancel tournament

Square Enix decided to cancel a series of tournaments after receiving several death threats.

The company was recently threatened by a 40-year-old Japanese man, which prompted the police to arrest the man, but now he is again faced with a situation in which he fears for the lives of his employees.

According to a Kotaku striker, Square Enix canceled the Starwing Paradox tournaments, a mech game available in the Japanese arcades, due to the various death threats that were made to the team responsible for the game.

Square Enix is ​​working with the police to investigate the threats and as a precaution, the tournaments, which would take place in several Japanese cities, have been canceled.

Square Enix apologized to everyone who was looking forward to the tournaments, but says it is unable to hold the tournaments.

This is just the latest incident related to death threats in Japan and after what happened to Kyoto Animation – where arson resulted in the deaths of 33 people.