Deleted Pokémon designs made public.

Live while I search my backlog for this extra long game weekend, the Night Watch reports! With a Kingdom Hearts III release date announcement, deleted Pokémon designs, Game of Thrones with Nintendo Labo and Spider-Man on the wall!

Kingdom Hearts III release date will finally be revealed in early June

This weekend we’re thrilled with new gameplay from Kingdom Hearts III. It seems, therefore, that the game is finally, FINALLY, out this year, but of course you never know with those fools at Square Enix. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura, however, indicates via an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu that they will reveal the release date in early June.

Deleted Pokémon designs made public

That just happens to be around the same time as Square Enix’s E3 presentation. We can sit down for that on June 11. The new Kingdom Hearts III gameplay includes gameplay from a Hercules level and a Toy Story level. Check Laura’s Wait from yesterday for the beautiful images!

Octopath Traveler world map revealed

Another Square Enix RPG but one that Nintendo Switch owners can play next month: Octopath Traveler! The studio has released more new screenshots of the old skool JRPG plus the world map with the cities where all 8 party members come from. You will find a selection below and more screenshots can be checked on DualShockers.

Deleted Pokémon designs made public

The Witcher III is celebrating its third birthday

It has been three years since our world was enriched with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt RED celebrated this weekend with a nice piece of artwork that you can admire below.

The Witcher III is still seen as the standard for RPGs for this console generation three years later. It’s so good it almost got a Gold Award!

Deleted Pokémon designs made public

Pokémon manga reveals deleted Gen 1 Pokémon designs

Speaking of taking old cows out of the ditch, some deleted Pokémon designs have surfaced that were in the running to appear in Red and Blue! That reveals a new manga about spiritual father Satoshi Tajiri and how he made the games. One of the drawings shows the original Game Boy sprites, including some monsters that never made it into the game!

Features include a type of deer, a lizard with an Einstein haircut and a cross between a shark and a swordfish. In later parts, Pokémon appeared that look a bit like these beasts, such as Stantler and Sharpedo. However, these early designs have never appeared in public.

Deleted Pokémon designs made public

Oh yeah, and according to the Japanese characters (via Kotaku) Blastoise was originally going to be called Carapazio, which is a pun referring to the Italian painter Caravaggio… which makes him sort of like a Ninja Turtle. Mind = BLOWN!

Spider-Man E3 mural comes out well

Every E3, buildings in LA are covered with the coolest new games. This year Normies are lucky because it’s something they hopefully know: Spider-Man! The PS4 game features prominently on the show floor and in Sony’s presentation.

The new slogan: Be Greater. Obviously that’s a reference to the Sam Raimi movies, specifically the scene where he starts dancing like a moron as Venom. So let’s all be more like Venom Peter Parker.

Deleted Pokémon designs made public

Game of Thrones composer forced to create music with Nintendo Labo

Ramin Djawadi is one of the most popular film composers of the moment, with the soundtrack of Iron Man, Game of Thrones and Westworld to his name. He is currently performing live Game of Thrones music, wherever IGN employees were… with their Nintendo Labo piano. You already know where this is going …

A Snorlax tissue box because I know a lot!

Everyone with a home knows that feeling that it is not finished yet. You have the leather sofa, the thick 4K TV, the chocolate fountain and the spare guest towels … but still something is missing! Fortunately there is Nintendo because they have finally filled the hole in my heart. With a Snorlax tissue holder! I repeat: a Snorlax tissue holder that you can throw around your box of tissues to make it look like you are pulling tissues from Snorlax’s belly!

Now on sale at Amazon Japan with worldwide shipping. Costs 4139 yen what converted DAS WAY TOO MUCH!

Deleted Pokémon designs made public

Ikaruga runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch

Last but not least, some images of a classic that will soon be playable on the Nintendo Switch. Ikaruga is considered one of the best shmups ever and these images show why.

Wassum again. Happy Whit Monday!