Demon’s Souls Reviews – Perfect Remake

  • Since November 12, more reviewers’ opinions about Demon’s Souls – one of the launch titles for PlayStation 5 – have been appearing online;
  • so far, everyone strongly praises the production, calling it an almost perfect remake.

Bluepoint Games decided to continue its cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment and after the warmly received Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4, it’s time for a refreshed version of Demon’s Souls – the cult action RPG from Japanese From Software, which initiated the soulslike genre. We could still play the original on PS3, and its remake debuted on November 12, 2020 as a launch title on PS5. Is this a production worthy of opening a new generation of consoles? Well, the critics agree on this point – we are dealing with a blockbuster worthy of 2020. Mean the score on Metacritic is 92/100 so far, although it should be remembered that it was based on 7 ratings. The rest of the critics are just getting through the game.

Selected reviews of Demon’s Souls

  • TheGamer – 100/100
  • Game Informer – 93/100
  • GameSpot – 90/100
  • Millennium – 90/100
  • – 90/100
  • Screen Rant – 90/100
  • SamaGame Italy – 90/100
  • The greatest success of Bluepoint Games, according to reviewers, is finding the golden mean. On the one hand, it is a small audiovisual revolution – not only the general graphic layer is impressive, but also the creators’ attachment to the smallest details. On the other hand, the spirit of the original has been preserved, and the core of the gameplay has not changed significantly – it has simply been adapted to modern standards.

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    Critics assure that the work will appeal to both old-timers when it comes to the soulslike genre, as well as players who just want to start their adventure with From Software’s productions and titles modeled on them.

    The shortened waiting time for returning to the game after death is very noticeable, and this, as you can probably guess, happens very often here. Loading screens last up to a few seconds, which is a really good result, considering the ordeal we had to go through while playing the original.

    remake Demon’s Souls will appear in Poland on November 19, 2020 with the launch of the PlayStation 5 console. The title will be provided with the Polish language version in the form of subtitles. Some will probably be scared by the price of the game, because in some electronics stores it is even 350 zlotys.

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