in the Desperados 3 Comment After over fourteen years, you learn from Glenn if a tactical approach still works in the Old West.

The Desperados series originated in 2001 with the hit Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive and was at the forefront of the “real-time tactical stealth” genre with the Commandos. In 2006 and 2007, developer Spellbound Entertainment attempted to do so to no avail with a second and even third title Desperados. These inferior efforts, Cooper’s Revenge and Helldorado, respectively, made the series doomed to failure. However, it goes beyond Shadow Tactics: Blades by developer Shogun Mimimi Games. This studio has started a reboot of the series in the form of Desperados 3 and now presents the result. Did Mimimi succeed in this setup or does he end the streak with one last blow?

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Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive was praised for its in-depth tactical approach to “real-time strategy”. To live up to this tactical story, Desperados 3 includes the all-important Showdown mode. With this option, you plan and execute successive attacks or maneuvers with different characters in different ways, like eliminating or distracting opponents at the same time to get around them. It is an essential tool for mastering this difficult game, but what is still missing is an example of how the planned action is executed and the reaction of the opponent. After all, you won’t find out until you’ve done that. While you can argue that this could make Showdown mode too powerful, it doesn’t really make the series’ difficult gameplay really accessible – which is Mimimi’s explicit goal with this title. The Showdown mode therefore does not have the necessary extras, but remains a valuable addition for experimenting in a difficult game.

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In addition, all characters have unique skills with which they eliminate, attract, or deflect opponents. For example, Isabelle can connect enemies and disable them at the same time, or Doc can kill them from great distances without making too much noise. A second option for eliminating them is practical “mishaps” in the form of a falling stone or a falling platform. If you use the latter, the enemy will never trigger the alarm and will always assume an accident. The different skills and “accidents” in the environment offer a wide range of tactical options and invite you to combine and experiment. Mimimi Games takes the tactical aspect of the game very seriously and that’s admirable.

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Mimimi Games is trying to attract both seasoned and new players with Desperados 3. However, the extremely high difficulty of some missions can cause new players to shy away from the game. As said before, Showdown mode does too little. to excite newcomers to this spicy series. However, the game does better than its predecessors at guiding players. For example, it contains a trial and error approach based on an adjustable number of fast records. It allows you to test a particular approach to take out an enemy, just reload if it fails and try something else. During game sessions you will also see a stopwatch and Mimimi will remind you regularly to save your progress. Despite the variety of support options, the difficulty level of some missions continues to bother you, often leaving you with a double feeling.

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Desperados 3 is billed as a story-driven game and Mimimi certainly keeps that promise. This way you meet a character, you can immediately start working with him and bond with him. Mimimi sometimes dares to forget it. In the second mission, the character Hector walks into the living room and chats with the character John Cooper about the fact that they once worked together in the “good old days”. Ironically, you don’t know what those golden days are for a prequel back then. Fortunately, he stays with this incident and the other dialogues stimulate each other. As a result, Mimimi keeps the Second Promise, and the game is a successful prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.

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In addition to a prequel to the first game, Mimimi is responsible for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and you will notice it. If you then compare the two games, you will see that Desperados 3 is more beautiful graphically, thanks to the more realistic animations, shadows and wind effects that move blades of grass and trees with the wind. The cartoon elements haven’t completely disappeared from the art style yet and it’s kind of weird if you know that Mimimi has explicitly stated that he wants to remove it. In the end, it doesn’t matter, as this comic book style design gives the gaming experience an extra boost. Visually, Desperados 3 is a very solid game as well.

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Developer Mimimi Games creates a very complete and tactical game with well-developed mechanics with Desperados 3. This is enhanced by the wide range of creative skills and options that encourage you to experiment during your gaming sessions. Fragrant and moonlight , because regularly very difficult missions often leave you with a double feeling. But it doesn’t end there, as the game is also a very well-prepared prequel with a well-written origin story. Graphically, the game is also very well built, with a cartoonish style that provides that extra boost. If you count everything together, the result is simple: Desperados 3 is a very successful reboot for the Desperados series.

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Glenn reviewed Desperados 3 on the PlayStation 4.

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