Destiny 2 – game review.

The next chapter of an epic space adventure has arrived with Destiny 2. Did the creators manage to bring their series to a higher level of gaming art, or did they learn nothing from the mistakes of their predecessor? We’re updating our opinion with information about the most hardcore activities: Leviathan Raid and Trials of Nine competitive mode.

Destiny 2 – game review

At the beginning, let me just say that the game Bungie almost from the very first minutes leaves no doubt as to what kind of production bag it comes from. Don’t expect life dramas, psychological nuances or delicate heroes. No. Here you shoot, collect equipment, shoot, explore the wonderful world, and then shoot a little more. Either you feel it or you don’t. Nevertheless, all this is served in a better seasoned, more tasteful sauce, the ingredients of which have been carefully selected than in the case of the first part. At the same time, the cook did not dare to experiment a bit with the recipe.

With a bang

Destiny 2 starts with the unceremonious ripping of our Guardians of the equipment obtained in the “number one”. Clear decision – old and new players should start on an equal footing in D2. Veterans of the previous part are treated with a series of graphics showing their achievements so far and information when and with what players they completed. A nice, nostalgic gesture from the creators, but unfortunately this is where the emphasis is on the 3-year involvement of fans in the first part of the series. I do not count such trifles as imported characters from “one” and a handful of relocated emblems and emotes. It is a pity, one would like a much more inventive distinction in this matter.

Destiny 2 – game review

Fortunately, we forget about it very quickly, engaging in the epic defense of our home – the Last City and the Guardians’ Tower – against invaders. The aggressors are the Red Legion, an extremely formidable Cabal faction led by an equally formidable Ghaul. He has his own plans for the Traveler and his power. This is quite a neatly written antagonist, with a sufficiently deep plot (at least by the standards of the series). And the very beginning of the played campaign has more momentum and pure rock than all the missions from the “one” put together. The fictional part, therefore, leads our Guardian from a gross defeat and the real threat of death, to a gradual regaining of power and getting ready to repel the Red Legion. Bungie finally provided story missions at the start of the game that you just want to play. Guided through the destroyed Earth, Titan (Saturn’s moon), Nessus and IO (Jupiter’s moon), we spill the blood of various aliens, load a whole lot of ammunition into magazines and constantly discover something new.

The campaign quests are diverse and given in a satisfactory quantity, and their momentum can sometimes make you dizzy. If you’ve missed the good old Bungie, which, accompanied by bullets whistling near your ear and the roar of explosions, presents us with wonderful, breathtaking moments, then you will be delighted. You will be similarly enthusiastic about the vehicle stages that Destiny 2 has no shortage of and that bring a firework-filled relaxation between the standard parts of the game. Of course, all of this can be done in cooperation with two other players.

Destiny 2 – game review

Robot’s hands are on fire

Anyway, before the premiere Bungie boasted about the amount of things to do in Destiny 2. And in fact – the story campaign is only the tip of the iceberg. We can explore each of the four planets. The locations are definitely bigger than before and packed to the brim with attractions, although not all of them maintain an equally good level. For example, the so-called Adventures is the local equivalent of side missions. They are multi-stage, have an appropriate plot context and can actually be liked. There is always something interesting going on during them and we can always find an interesting place. They are the perfect complement to the main missions, and sometimes even quite a challenge. Similarly to Public Events, which have been rebuilt this time so that each of them contains some mechanics, the unraveling and activation of which results in the change of the circumstances of the Event and increasing the difficulty level. These are sometimes very spectacular situations. For example, in one of them we have to destroy the Fallen walking tank, known from the first one. If the conditions are met, a second tank hits the battlefield and the whole battle turns into a real large-scale fight.

On the other hand, there are things that become boring over time. Patrols are the same mindless killing a certain number of enemies and collecting meaningless items as in the first part. Lost Sectors, on the other hand, is fun to look for, but the attractions inside come down to killing a group of monsters and grabbing the treasure. It should also be clearly stated that the world of Destiny is more like a playground than a natural, open world. It is difficult to find any more sublime dependencies here, apart from changing the time of day, and there is literally one NPC for each planet, which serves only as a “hardware booth”. Of course, in a game like this, where it is simply about looking for better and better equipment and testing it on opponents, it works well, but it also clearly shows that the creators did not have the courage to introduce revolutionary changes.

Destiny 2 – game review

Either way, you can’t complain about boredom, and ticking off subsequent tasks, milestones or experience levels is an addictive drug called “one more time”. There are two or three hundred times during one meeting, because there will always be something worth doing while playing Destiny 2. All this is also communicated with a clearer interface and a convenient real map.

Changes, changes, changes …

Yeah, convenience. Thanks to changes to both the interface and the character development system, Destiny 2 is now more accessible to players. It is also more generous, as the first exotic items (i.e. the highest quality ones) drop out more or less in the middle of the campaign. I have no doubt that this is the bait for new players that allows them to get a taste of the best of Destiny 2 before they even end the campaign and shelve the game. Thanks to this, there is a chance that more people will appreciate the game and stay with it long enough, especially since by default, the best of Destiny shows up after watching the credits. Things like new planetary missions, powerful gear, and the heaviest Strike varieties are the real power of Bungie’s attractions. Their variety is large enough not to fall into too much routine even after a long time spent with the game. All these attractions, plus the sensational PvP mode (more on that in a moment), will keep you entertained for at least 100 hours. And I am writing this before the premiere of the most important activity, i.e. Raid (Najazdu).

However, there is a second, slightly less positive aspect of this affordability. The various subclasses of our Guardians have been totally simplified to the “one”. The process of developing weapons and unlocking its perks has also completely disappeared from the game. Everything is available immediately, after acquiring a given item of equipment. This fact can be partially explained by Bungie’s desire to balance the game. Fewer permutations in a subclass’s skill trees mean fewer variables and more predictability in the context of a competitive game.

Destiny 2 – game review

In fact, the effects are clearly visible in PvP. The reduced number of players in the match (4vs4 in each mode) helps to avoid lag problems, which the “one” was famous for, the aforementioned simplification of classes and remodeling of the division of weapons works best in matches with other players. I must admit that Crucible (the equivalent of the local multiplayer component) is now fantastic, which is also helped by the ingeniously designed maps. However, this change had a negative impact on the overall game. During the game, I did not have the feeling of control over my character that I had in the number one. In addition, it must also be honestly admitted that apart from adding new subclasses for each class (up to 3 per class), Bungie did not even try to confuse the character division and introduce anything new.

This world is beautiful

You can see a lot of work done in every corner of the world of Destiny 2. Even the “one” was able to impress with amazing views and a great artistic style, but what I saw in the sequel is absolutely phenomenal. OK, let’s get those 30 frames per second on consoles, but – I guarantee you – you will have it deep in your nose at the sight of the sea covered with shipwrecks and the great dome with the city inside on the surface of Titan, or when on your voyages through Nessus you will find an emerald blue sunset. Anyway, you will stop for a moment in the first mission to admire the huge warships of the Red Legion gliding on the horizon in the pouring rain, and in one of the last missions you will just look for a jaw on the floor when you are shot by a big … and anyway I won’t tell you anything. You have to see it with your own eyes.

The only thing that excels in the visuals of Bungie’s work is its soundtrack. It exceeds what was composed for the needs of “one” by several lengths. The music is absolutely phenomenal and harmonizes perfectly with each of the various locations in the game, while all the sounds of the weapons and the environment are compelling and unique. It all makes the game world richer and full of artistic splendor. In addition, the creators of all information about the universe have now thrown into the game itself, be it through lore scraps hidden in the descriptions of individual weapons, or through live comments of our Ghost in the game. In this way, it is difficult to break away from what we find during the game.

Destiny 2 – game review

Time to come back

Although there is still no access to clan features in the game (including the widely promoted Gudedc Games, i.e. the option of combining experienced teams of players with people playing solo) and Raid, what I saw allows me to give my verdict. And it’s simple: I finish typing and go back to the game because Destiny 2 is still drawn to each other. This is not a sequel I could have dreamed of, but it is also a game that fixes most of the original errors and gives something back. She is excellent in many ways and very good in many others. It only fails at times, but it always delights.

Destiny 2 is like another part of the Marvel movie universe. Colorful, glamorous, epic. Full of visual tricks and plot shoals. Nevertheless, it does not allow us to look away from the screen, serving a lot of delicious entertainment. Popcorn among video games? Does not matter. It is important that it tastes delicious!