• Destruction AllStars received a new gameplay trailer
  • The Playstation Blog reveals the four game modes
  • There will also be a tutorial and AI challenges

Destruction AllStars by Lucid Games is an action-packed mix of fighting and racing games and lets you take part in a colorful, explosive demolition derby. Sony has now published further information and a new gameplay trailer from the Auto Arena for this game, which will be released next year exclusively for the PS5.

Destruction AllStars was originally planned as a launch title for the PS5, but was ultimately postponed to February 2021, where it will be given away to PlayStation Plus subscribers at the start. Not that much was known about this game, although it is an important exclusive for the new console. The new gameplay trailer is supposed to help.

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The Playstation Blog also has new information about the four modes of the action game: Mayhem, Carnado, Stockpile and Gridfall. These will already be playable when they are launched and you can experience them either alone with AI or with friends (or rivals).

The first game mode, Mayhem, will be a classic deathmatch that can be played solo or in a team. To win this mode you have to get the most points by causing damage to other cars and knocking down the opponents within a time limit. Carnado works very similarly, but is more based on the interaction of risk and reward. Here you have to collect so-called gears (collectible items in the game) by damaging or even destroying other cars. You get a particularly high number of points by driving into the eponymous “Carnado” and thus sacrificing your vehicle. You then have to walk dangerously and hijack a new car.

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In Carnado mode you can put your car on the road for points.

The Stockpile mode is all about picking up gears that fall from damaged vehicles. You then have to collect these on foot and place them on one of three benches around the map in order to claim the title for a team. Finally, there is the Gridfall mode, in which 16 cars try to be the only ones to stay in the game at the end – “Last AllStar Standing”, as it says on the Playstation blog. As the game progresses, the arena continues to collapse and those who fall lose a finite number of lives in the process. If these are used up, you are finally thrown out of the game.

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In addition to Destruction AllStars’ first game modes, Sony has announced details of a few more features that will be included in the game at launch. For example, there will be a tutorial where you can try out each of the 16 AllStars characters, as well as a series of challenges against AI opponents. If you complete this, cosmetic items are unlocked. In the multiplayer mode, so-called AllStar coins are also awarded, which can be spent on additional cosmetics.

According to Lucid Games, there will be increasingly current content with new seasons, events and updates following the release of Destruction AllStars during 2021. There is no exact release date for the game, so far it has only been said that Destruction AllStars will be released in February.

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