After the postponement early next year, Lucid Games has released a new gameplay trailer for Destruction AllStars. The video provides a good overview of the gameplay, which includes vehicle combat and vehicle theft from other players.

On PlayStation Blog, the developer has outlined the various modes expected at launch. Mayhem is like a deathmatch: the player with the highest score wins by destroying other opponents.

Carnado sees players collect Gears by damaging or destroying enemies and then sacrificing their vehicle for points. Stockpile is like capture and control mode, except that you have to run on foot to collect the knocked out Gears from an opponent’s vehicle and deposit them in one of three banks.

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Gridfall plays like a battle royale-style mode (with limited respawns) in which 16 players fight for supremacy. There are also series of AI challenges that unlock different characters and cosmetics for players and a training area for learning the game.

Lucid Games is also planning other content for the future, including new playable characters, challenges and features along with seasons, events and new game modes.

Destruction AllStars will be released on February 21, 2021 for PS5 and will be included with PlayStation Plus at launch.

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