Detect a concussion with DETECT

When you see the photo you can think at first that it is a virtual reality game designed for athletes. Nothing is further from reality, the device is designed to discover injuries. And it is important not to forget that in the field of medicine, gadgets have a very succulent market, either by sending the prescription on the mobile phone or by making the consultation by videoconference.

But there is also sports medicine and the possibility of making the diagnosis on the field and without having to take the player to a clinic when he receives a blow to the head (we all remember the images of Javi Navarro’s elbow to Arango).

The invention, American of course, is called DETECT (for “display enhanced testing for concussion and mild traumatic brain injury”), and it can tell you, in just 7 minutes, if you have a concussion after being injured by receiving a severe blow to the head. You just have to put it on, grab a joystick and do a battery of tests related to balance and memory.

Obviously this is intended for football players, but so much time to know if you are good or bad intrigues me. What will they think if the player staggers off? Injured? At the moment it is only a prototype.

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