Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes.

Deus EX: Mankind Divided is an RPG set in a hypothetical future. In 2029, technology has made great strides and is an integral part of every human being, in the true sense of the word, since the “Augments” are human individuals who acquire new functions thanks to the grafting of cybernetic parts.

But technology is also, and above all, widely used for every security device. Most of doors, locks, computers, surveillance devices, have electronic panels that govern their functionality. Fortunately for you, the protagonist of the game Adam Jensen is a master of electronics, and in contact with the Jaggernaut Collective, a hacking company that will assist him in the infiltration of security software.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes

Each electronic control panel can be painlessly unlocked with a code or password, and that combination can be entered incorrectly for a precise total number of times (which varies from case to case) before the device locks and enters. in protection mode, thus making it permanently inaccessible. In case you are not aware of the code (it is often found by investigating the homes of spies, or retrieving PDAs and rummaging through computer emails, you can always try to force the protection through hacking, but it is a risky practice that involves only one attempt to succeed (which is why it will be better to save the game before trying to breach a security panel), and which will also be barred if your hacking skill level is not as high as that of the terminal in question.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes

The best ways to get passwords and codes are:

  • talk to the NPCs
  • read emails from computers
  • The information contained in the handhelds (see photo below)
  • enter the restricted areas
  • rummage in the pockets of the guards (first need to spread them out)
  • look in the drawers of the apartments

Once you have obtained the password (or code) corresponding to the security panel, it will appear in the panel itself, so that you do not have to search your database.

In case you don’t like hacking (or have not reached a suitable level to unlock a specific control panel), and you have not yet obtained the relevant code, we will help you on this page.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes

Below is a list of codes and passwords for each security panel we found in the game. However, we warn you that the difficulty level will drop significantly, and you may lose satisfaction in the gameplay. So take advantage of it in case of extreme necessity, or for reasons of completeness.

Here are the codes that we have discovered so far, and constantly updated:

Dubai – Passwords and Codes

In a storage area at the level 2 roof level of Dubai

  • Code 4801

In the attic of Dubai, floor 1b leads to the lobby.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes
  • Code – 0682

Prague – Passwords and Codes

Computer by Josef Severn – Apartment 41 Zelen building

  • Passsword – thevoidwhichbinds

Apartment 23 of the Zelen Building – safe (on the first floor, near the seller). You will be able to enter through a window from the ground floor. The safe is hidden behind a refrigerator. You will need the upgrade to move heavy objects.

  • Code – 9002

Poor Apartment 23 of the Zelen Building – Computer by Teresa Petrauskas: the password is the name of the actress in the poster above the sofa and behind the computer – krodine

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes

Sewer gate behind the poor neighborhood (enter after 20:00)

  • Code – 6122

Toy factory, safe inside the mini-warehouse

  • Code – 2489
  • Hacking level – 4

Shed used as a warehouse near the Tech Noir

  • Code – 2469

New Gas Code

  • Code – 1368

Otar Botkoveli mini-warehouse code

  • Code – 6446

Otar Boktoveli Deposit Code

  • Code – 3874

Suspicious deposit near TF-29

  • Code – 6354

Tube house Electronics

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes
  • Code – 0310

Office hidden in the sewer (manhole entrance in front of the music shop)

  • Code – 5431


Palisade Bank: VIP rooms A and B

  • Password – P34T45WF

Server Room B1 Palisade Bank

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – passwords and codes
  • Code – 7735

Palysade Bank Safe Room B, Row 01

  • Code – 6641

Pribil Parents Security Panel (Palisade Property Bank)

  • Code – 0310

Safe Code of Wlodek Palaside Bank

  • Code – 6477

Executive Safe A09 Palisade Bank

  • Code – 2357

Executive Armored Room B Palisade Bank

  • Code – 1110

Palisade Bank VIP locker

  • Code – 3020

Palisade Property Bank Maintenance Room

  • Code – 6745

Administrator Office (CEO) Palaiside Bank (Secondary Mission Objective SM05)

  • Code 0211

Reset Weekly code (third floor) Palisade Bank

  • Password – clemency

Daniel Janecek office – Palisade Bank

New Palisade Bank Special Warehouse Code

  • Code – 1293

Ludvik’s Winery Warehouse (next to the Palisade Bank)

  • Code – 3419

Ruzicka Station Security Room Access Code

  • Code – 8066

Ruzicka Ticket Terminal

  • Password – ANTARES

Ruzicka new neighborhood storage unit

  • Code – 5100
  • Code 1122

Courtyard, mini-warehouse on the right (33 Hlavni Apartment)

  • Code – 4227

Courtyard, mini-warehouse on the right (33 Hlavni Apartment)

  • Code – 2913

Apartment 201 (33 Hlavni Apartment)

  • Code – 6864

Safe James Miller

  • Code – 1363

Computer by Peter Chang

  • Password – Aphasia5689
  • Terminal Type – Computer

NSN diagnostics

  • Code – 7734

NSN physical computer

  • Password – JJKPOXZ774

Duncan Macready’s computer

  • Password – Sharp007
  • Terminal Type – Computer

Vincent Black’s computer

  • Password – Origami1970
  • Terminal type – Computer

TF-29 Server Room

  • Code – 9143
  • Password: 706f7574696e65

Safe Infirmary TF-29

  • Code – 4822
  • Password – FrakkingUpTheA

Golem City – Passwords and Codes

Safe in the home of Dr. Martine Onziema

  • Code – 9990

Mobile bridge in the outdoor area (Safety Panel)

  • Code – 3354

mini-warehouse in the ARC base

  • Code – 2544

ARC security hub in room 350420

  • Password – vm451
  • Terminal Type – Safety Terminal 3


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