Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!.

2013 was the year of last game in the Devil May Cry saga. We are talking about DmC: Devil May Cry, a reboot of the saga created by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom, as an attempt to resurface the saga from another point of view. The game embarks on an alternative universe to that of the original saga, but always maintaining the foundation that made the saga great Hack and slash from Capcom back in the day.

Time after the franchise restart, Devil May Cry’s course became uncertain for several years. Even so, the dream of seeing a future game in the series lingered in the minds of many, and in the hearts of many others. Fortunately, years after the arrival of Devil may cry 4 (10 years specifically), Capcom decides to bring the game series back to life how many accolades he earned in his day, more than 16 million copies sold worldwide. The rumors grew and at last the E3 2018, and with it, the confirmation of what was an open secret. At last it was confirmed Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!

Devil May Cry 5: Back to a job well done

With a trailer that promised spectacularity in abundance and with the first gameplays already published, It all points to a return to the top of the demon hunt… But we had to prove it in the first person to believe it. Therefore, and thanks to the invitation of Koch Media, we have been able to test the Devil May Cry 5 first demo, which could also be played in Gamescom to offer you all the details of the Nero’s debut and Dante’s return.

Unfortunately, the Devil May Cry saga has been absent on my particular video game shelf. I had heard about the game on numerous occasions but I have never dared to take the step to immerse myself in the ocean that this represents famous Hack and Slash franchise. It is never too late, if the happiness is good, so with great curiosity I face my first minutes in a game in the Devil May Cry saga.

Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!

The first thing I see I like. I like very much. He graphic section seems to have received the appropriate treatment after more than 5 years of silence. Watching videos and reading reviews of previous games in the franchise, I can appreciate a logical evolution of the game’s technical system, which stands out for a inconceivable fluidity and some very striking visual effects. As you can see in the following screenshots that I was able to take, the title has great details in many of its aesthetic sections:

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Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!

Despite being contextualized in a world devastated by demons and grotesque creatures, Devil May Cry 5 is visually appealing and sleek, and it shows in the design of the characters, in the care of the textures and in modeling environments and scenery. But I repeat again that fluidity is what has caught my attention the most. Without any doubt, a Hack and Slash is characterized by displaying a big action load with numerous dynamic elements on the screen. And a good Hack and Slash would be nothing without great visual naturalness. And in the trial version of Devil May Cry 5, which by the way, I have been able to test on a PlayStation 4 Pro, it works without hesitation.

Red Grave City is the city where it will take place the action of the new Devil May Cry 5. A location that could well say is inspired 90% in London, because its streets are full of red phone booths with that particular design, and by an environment traced in detail to the famous Picadilly Circus square. But, as is logical, Red Grave City presents a peculiarity: In the middle of the city it has appeared a gigantic tree, which crosses a large part of the soil, and thanks to its roots, is capable of attack all the citizens in your path.

Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!

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Nero: A new demon hunter

All misfortune or catastrophe that stalks humanity in the world of videogames needs a great hero do the dirty work, and in Devil May Cry 5 we will have our protagonist Wildman. Our new demon Hunter (and I say new because old Dante is missing for the moment), you will embark on a colossal adventure to reach the nucleus of this monumental tree to put an end to the demonic threat that haunts half the world.

The first thing that strikes me new protagonist of Devil May Cry 5 is his high degree of charisma. You have to have enough courage to face a demonic invasion, and above all have the attitude for it. AND Nero wastes attitude even when talking to the largest and most dangerous creatures. I really want to see your evolution, together, with the plot arc …

Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!

In addition, we will not be alone, but we will be escorted by our partner Nico, which proclaims itself as a arms artist that will pave the way thanks to different types of weapons and ammunition. Despite the fact that Nico is our faithful companion, it seems that will not accompany us to the fight as such, or at least that I have been able to see in the test of the game. She stays on the sidelines refugee in the van, working on improvements to our arsenal.

Entering the playability the new Devil May Cry 5, I can’t make a comparison of the previous games of the saga with this one. But I can tell you about my experience. As I have previously highlighted, fluency is a perfect accompaniment of the new great bet of Capcom. It is an authentic pleasure controlling Nero through the streets of Red Grave City, while we are facing the different creatures that stand in our way.

He attack system stands out for offering a interesting offensive variety, and we will have different ways to end our enemies. Apparently resembling the most classic games of the franchise, we will have the opportunity to use a great sword to perform body attacks melee the demons. Gun mechanics are also present in the new Devil May Cry 5 and Nero seems to have a great ability with it, although the feeling it conveys, at least from my point of view, is more of a secondary attack, before a principal.

Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!

Devil Breaker: Every Devil’s Nightmare

Finally, in this section stands out above all one of the main novelties of the saga. Nero will have a prosthesis, that by way of robotic arm, will allow you to provide very powerful attacks against enemies. This new gadget has been dubbed Devil Breaker, and it presents a series of very interesting characteristics. Created by our partner Nico, Devil Breaker allows Nero to land different types of attacks on enemies. In this sense, throughout the game we will have the opportunity to use different variants of this gadget, which cause different attacks. In the demo, I had the opportunity to test the variant Overutre, which damages nearby enemies with electricity blasts. Apparently this variety of arm is the first that we will find in the game, due to its simple functionality.

Either way, and we attack the way we attack, it is very gratifying to kill the creatures that try to annihilate us, either attacking in a traditional way with the sword, or using the Devil Breaker. Like all good Hack and Slash worth its salt you just played Devil May Cry 5 and feel much better and more de-stressed.

On the other hand, and how final climax to the playable demo, I had the opportunity to face one of the Final bosses that Devil May Cry 5 has / will have. Despite the large wingspan of the creature, fluency is still present at all times, and the opportunities to move around the stage to attack the great demon are almost endless. Nero’s movement and control are intuitive beyond belief, and even more so, if you have already tried other titles of the genre as they could well be Bayonetta or Darksiders.

Looking forward to the end of the world …

The experience and the first contact with Devil May Cry 5 have been gratifying to the fullest. The controls and mechanics seem to be designed for anyone take command, and the attack system aspires to be very complete. On a technical level, the game stands out at surprising levels thanks to RE Engine engine (owned by Capcom), despite the title still is in the development phase. I would have liked to go deeper into other sections, such as the abilities, improvements and possibilities of the Devil Breaker, but it was a content that was not available in the demo.

Devil May Cry 5 Impressions – Let the Apocalypse Come!

Now it only remains to be patient and count the days to the next March 8, 2019 what will be when the game comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We can only hope that at the plot level the story has a consistency and bases worthy of a game that, at a technical level, seems to stand out. If so, we would have in hand one of the most cutting-edge games of the year 2019. Let the apocalypse come!