Devil May Cry HD Collection.

The series “Devil May Cry” was one of those responsible for revolutionize in the genre of action games, that was more than 10 years ago in the late Playstation 2🇧🇷 Originally created to be a sequel to “Resident Evil” (you can see some legacies left here), the series gained new proportions and thus dante, the stylish demon hunter, has now found his exclusive home in a new franchise. Three titles were released on PS2, achieving great success, and elevating the name of the game and its protagonist to the pantheon of video game champions.

A new DMC has been announced and should be released soon, this game is not a sequel, but an attempt by Capcom to renew the series and start all over again. Most fans are on the back foot from what has been shown so far. To try to calm the mood (and attract new fans), the smart Capcom decided to launch a collection of the first three games, redone in high resolution, to Playstation 3 and for the first time (uhuuull), also for Xbox 360🇧🇷

despite the small graphical improvement, the HD look leaves something to be desired

Devil May Cry HD Collection

And if you’ve already played these HD collections of other titles, you know that usually the producers remake the games with a lot of refinement and refinement, after all, we’re talking about classics here, and we don’t want to piss off the fans. So what can we expect from “Devil May Cry HD Collection”, right? Unfortunately NO🇧🇷 Apparently, Capcom was too lazy to give an HD finish to all three games, and what we have here is something very close to the originals PS2 (which were and still are excellent games), with added trophies and achievements..

Yes, they suffered graphic improvement, especially in the design of the characters, but nothing very relevant or that we can say that Capcom / Pipeworks “did themselves to suck the graphical capacity of the consoles and give fans a very refined look”. The graphics and textures of the scenarios and environments present grotesque discrepancies to make any demon cry, as if they were stretched and placed there in a job done in a hurry, without any concern for disguising the “edges” and “serrations” created by extreme pixelation. The sloppiness is even more evident in the animations of the cutscenes, which could have received a very significant graphical improvement, but what we see here are characters pixelated almost in its original form. The scenes don’t even occupy the entire 1080p screen, having black bars on the sides to fill the space (which also appears in the menus of the three games). And speaking of menus, once you enter one of the games, it is not possible to return to the main menu, having to leave the game in question and then return. Hey guys, where is the practicality to change from one game to another?

Devil May Cry HD Collection

for those who missed the black stripes of the old games, they are back

Those who played the originals must remember the horrible static cameras, which are back to focus not always on Dante’s best angle, and thus make our job of exploring and exterminating demons more difficult. But that’s okay, nothing we can’t get used to.

Devil May Cry HD Collection

Fortunately the gameplay, one of the major features of the seriesis there intact, with its wonderful dynamic and fluid combat system, with Dante carrying his magic sword and yours two demon power pistols🇧🇷 The player is allowed to make a series of attack combinations and movements that result in devastating combos (very different from a certain “Ninja Gaiden 3”). By advancing through the games we can get new weapons and unlock new moves for Dante, especially in “Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening – Special Edition”, regarded by many as the best of the series to date (and of the three, it is certainly the most visually beautiful in the collection).

make the demons cry, the combat system remains intense and fluid

Devil May Cry HD Collection

For those of you who don’t know the series (which cave were you living in?), here’s a brief summary: first game the series introduces us to Dante, a half-human/demon guy, who owns a demon-hunting agency, named… Devil May Cry (or “demon can cry”). The guy has an insane personality, is sarcastic and always makes jokes, even in the worst moments. He’s like a cross between Spider-Man and Deadpool, with a demonic twist. He has a brother named Vergil, who has a completely opposite personality. He’s cold and calculating and hates humans… and his brother (the typical bad boy twin who gets more fans than the main character). The story is kind of crazy and surreal, but it’s exactly this crazy universe that pleased fans so much.

Already “Devil May Cry 2” did not make as much of a splash as the first one, as it had a different approach, with a slower and not as fluid gameplay, with the exploration factor much more present (the game is actually bad, I’m being very good). In addition to Dante, it is also possible to play with Lucia, another demon hunter, but as the two have very similar styles, we have the feeling of playing with the same character and it gets very repetitive.

all 3 games feature dark visuals and music to give that “hell” mood

Devil May Cry HD Collection

After losing some fans with DMC2, Capcom released its apology in style with the third game, which returns to the concepts of the first title, in addition to improving and innovating in other aspects, making it the best in the series. Even today it is a game that impresses and teaches how to make a good action game, with the perfect combination of combat and exploration. And since it’s the special edition that’s in the package, it’s even possible to play with the little badass brother Vergil (which is sooo cool!).

“Let’s rock baby!”