Remaster released today Saints Row: the third, and Digital foundry have already prepared its analysis.

Spoiler pundits were very happy with the new version of the comedic action movie, and John Linneman calls the updated version one of the best remasters of the current generation of consoles.

The developers of the novelty reworked many aspects of the original, making the project more realistic. First of all, thanks to physically correct lighting and a new character design, their appearance has become much more detailed.

Of course, the innovations aren’t limited to that, but it’s the lighting and a new design, combined with high-resolution textures and new objects in the frame that show an incredible leap in quality.

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For example, an additional detail has been added to the mechanism in the storage scene.

In general, the new lighting naturally plays a major role.

During a bank robbery, from the start of the game in the original, the surfaces do not interact with the light in any way, so everything is sort of “flat”. An extra “depth” has appeared in the remaster, which makes everything more beautiful and “more alive”.

On the city streets, the difference is even more apparent: at one point of the day with new lighting the game looks almost photo-realistic – like a conditional GTA V with mods for realistic lighting or, for example, Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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Everything is much more plastic in the original.

Such realistic lighting in a rather cartoonish game, experts say, is sometimes just great – in a good way. The developers even added volumetric fog and sunlight, among other things, and even the gamma changes depending on the lighting.

In general, the developers of the remaster have pretty much redesigned everything – every element of the original has been somehow influenced and somehow reworked or replaced. The team did a great job.

Performance is also good: 30 FPS stable across all platforms, although there are still downsides on the Xbox One.

Plus, you can turn off the bezel lock from anywhere, but that should only be done on the Xbox One X, which runs with enviable 60 FPS consistency. On PS4 Pro and PS4 average around 40-50 frames and on Xbox One basis – less than 40 frames per second.

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On older consoles the resolution is the same – 1440r. Based – 1080p.

With the ability to unlock the frame rate, the remaster can be launched at 60 fps without special updates on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Convenient grow function.

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Source: Game Informer