Late in the evening in Mexico I found out that Apple had launched a new video on its YouTube channel. Everything was going so normal until I appreciated a small detail, an iPhone with new details was shown in the hand of a leader (Vivienne Hall) having a FaceTime video call with “The Underdogs”. This group had already been seen in a previous short showing how to work in a business environment with Apple products. Did you see our cover image? It seems that the iPhone 12 is already among us.

The iPhone 12 could have a new design inspired by previous iPhones

If you play this video it will start at exactly 21 seconds. Do you notice the edges of the device? Users and fellow editors of the medium such as Ricky Fernández immediately echoed what happened. I watched the video for a second time and when you look at it carefully you can see that it is not the body of an iPhone 11 Pro.

The new short has a duration of 7 minutes in which the benefits of the Apple environment are once again highlighted. Working with the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac, in these times of pandemic, it can be shown that it is a creative and productive environment. Other products such as AirPods, Apple Watch and Magic Keyboard appear; software like Pages, iMessage, and FaceTime. The use of the LiDAR scanner on the iPad Pro and the Measures app are also highlighted.

The mission is clear, create a cardboard box and deliver it in a short period of time. They have to make a presentation and use all the tools at their disposal.

Returning to the central theme, the iPhone in question reappears in the second 28. The appreciation time is very short, so seeing it with the naked eye is difficult. And up to here, this iPhone no longer makes an appearance. It is curious that the devices are shown in detail in this type of announcements and more when they are about an integration theme. Let’s remember that Apple is no longer dedicated to making technology products, but also includes streaming services for both music and on demand (Apple Music and Apple TV +).

Was it done on purpose?

Everything has a purpose and until the date this article is being written there is no topic about it in internet forums. Other major media did not echo this situation either. Apple is probably toying with those observant fans who are in full anticipation of Apple’s next flagship device.

If we put this together with the amount of recent rumors we suspect that yes, Apple was able to give us a little taste of the iPhone 12. This model could be “Pro” due to the three cameras. Makes sense? We will know later.

Both users and fans of the apple brand are asking for a change in the iPhone’s body design. Although it is true that Apple usually maintains a design line for a long time (as in the iMac and from the iPhone 6 to the SE 2020) it has also surprised us in good ways (like the iPhone X).

There is a rumor that Apple will change the design for the iPhone 12, just as we saw it in the iPhone 4-5. The concepts and molds that have come to light (as in previous years) are almost certain to be the ones that will come out of the design department in Cupertino.

Another detail that I was able to appreciate in this video at minute 5:52 you can see an iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard. If the trackpad is so wonderful, why didn’t they use it? Tell me what you think of the details in this video. Do you think it’s the next iPhone 12?