Digital Foundry tests Ghost of Tsushima’s 60 FPS on PS5.

Unsurprisingly, Ghost of Tsushima can be played at 60 FPS on PS5 (a performance boost over PS4 and PS4 Pro), but it is only now that Digital Foundry has had time to dwell on the changes the game goes through when played on the new console.

The conclusion reached is that the increase to 60 FPS is a change made on a global scale, without having optimized the code programming.

On PS5 there are practically no breaks in the frame-rate, but when they do – for example, when you activate photo mode – they always coincide with the same performance drops as PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Digital Foundry tests Ghost of Tsushima’s 60 FPS on PS5

These simultaneous drops point to such a change made at the system level, without the Sucker Punch having revised the code to better take advantage of the greater power of the PS5. Still, the result is satisfactory and Digital Foundry even recommends that you play on PS5 if you have not yet had contact with the game.

The game preserves the option to choose between a performance mode and a resolution mode, but playing on PS5, there is no difference in performance between the two modes. In resolution mode the game runs at 1600p, with no problem reaching the 60 FPS target most of the time.

Digital Foundry tests Ghost of Tsushima’s 60 FPS on PS5

As there are cinematics that mix real time with pre-rendered elements, these will be the occasions when performance on PS5 is limited to 30 FPS. Check out the Digital Foundry video below.