digital magicthe well-known Business Incubator, enters the capital of Bridge Insurance Servicesthe owner insurance broker of safe livesthe first Italian insurtech dedicated to the online sale of life insurance.

Digital Magics Spa becomes a shareholder of viteSicure, the Italian life insurance insurtech

The Digital Magics Spa incubator became a shareholder of viteSicure, the first example in Italy of insurtech dedicated to the B2C and B2B2C distribution of life insurance protection. ViteSicure primarily targets a neglected market segment of traditional insurance channels: young families with low savings capacity.

Launched in 2019 by the two Founders Eleonora del Vento and Alessandro TurraviteSicure is characterized by a completely innovative user experience. In fact, through a proprietary platform, it allows the instant purchase of a life insurance policy in the event of death that is simple, effective and convenient.

The combination of a simple and quality policy with the immediate and completely online sales method has met with favor from the market. In fact, in 2020 the sales of viteSicure policies grew exponentially.

The 2021 project of viteSicure is to attract capital to continue to increase growth rates, enhance technological developments and be among the protagonists of open innovation. And, in this logic, the entry of Digital Magics into the corporate structure is fundamental.

In fact, Digital Magics will contribute by facilitating viteSicure’s technological and business developments, both directly and through its network of partners. And it will constitute a fundamental support for the capital increase that viteSicure plans to carry out during 2021.

A great synergy between Digital Magics and viteSicure

“We are happy to start 2021 with a new shareholder like Digital Magics! If 2020 was a good year for us, our intention for the next 12 months is to confirm viteSicure as the life player with the fastest growth rate on the market.” he claims Eleonora Del Vento, CEO of viteSicure. ” And thanks to the contribution of Digital Magics we acquire important know-how and experience that will allow us to achieve our goals”.

Gabriel Ronchini, CEO of Digital Magics, declares: “We found viteSicure very interesting from the very first meetings and the decision to invest is perfectly in line with our vision. In particular in a sector, the fintech, with high growth in our country. I am sure that great synergies will develop between our skills and theirs”.