Mark Zuckerberg does it again. Now it turns out that it continues to track us even though we have disabled the location from our smartphone. According to Gizmodo, Facebook keeps an active tracking of its users even though we have deactivated the optionThis, says the company, is with the aim of “improving the experience”, that is, showing us ads. Something similar to what happened a few months ago with Google.

Facebook has quietly changed its policy on collecting location data, now making it almost impossible for us to prevent being tracked for advertising purposes.

Facebook defends this practice: it is for a “better experience”

According to the information, Facebook has access to our location at all times through its application on our smartphone, the only difference is how you do it.

If we decide to deactivate the option, which may be called “location”, “location services” or “access to location”, depending on the smartphone and operating system, Facebook will stop locating us through WiFi and mobile networks, but will continue to do so through our IP address, our ‘check-ins’ at the sites we frequent and our profile data.

According to the same Facebook: “There’s no way for people to turn off placement for ads completely”. Aleksandra Korolova, professor of computer science at the University of Southern California, confirmed the fact through a post where she mentions: “the location controls provided by Facebook give us an illusion of control over the data that helps the advertising experience of each one, but it’s not true. “

As part of a 2014 Facebook post, the company ensures that users can keep their location private if they wish, this as part of a change in company policies in order to provide “good service” : “People have control over the location they share with Facebook and will only see ads based on their recent location if location services are enabled on their phone.”

When Facebook was asked about this claim, they only limited themselves to mentioning that need to update said post, since today that has expired.

The funny thing about it is that Facebook defends this practice by mentioning that they do it to provide the user with a “better experience”. “We want to make sure that we are providing a good service to our users, from ensuring that they see Facebook in the correct language, to checking that nearby events and announcements from companies that are near them are shown.

How to verify if we have activated Facebook localization

Facebook allows us to know if the location history is activated in our profile, we only need to enter ‘Settings -> Location’ from the computer, where we can also see all our locations per day through a map. The funny thing about this is that there is no way to disable it, since it asks us to do it from our smartphone by changing “the location settings in the app of your device”.

As we have already seen, even deactivating this function, Facebook will continue to track us, so the only option so far is to uninstall the application from our devices. In fact, Facebook clarifies within this section that it is possible that it will continue to receive our location despite having deactivated it.