Discord was born as a place to communicate while we play, but for some time this part has passed this stage. In fact, last year it ended its subscription games service because they were barely played.

The community congregation and discussion platform announced a new makeover that leaves video games behind. Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron detailed the reasons for the move.

As you used Discord for more and more things besides playing games, our brand failed to keep up with this pace, and the way we talked about ourselves was sending the wrong signal to the world, which makes it harder for you to bring your large communities to Discord. Additionally, we know that the first few interactions someone can have with our service can be intimidating, as Discord is complex and has many characteristics.

Recently received discord funding of $ 100 million (it was not specified who put this money) which will be used for “Accelerate our investments in the community, in new functionalities and in the company”.

Although Citron admits that video games remain an important part of the platform, this change will distract from them and put it on. the simple fact of meeting and talking. In fact, this is the new slogan: “Your place to talk”. This translates, of course, into various new things that are already starting to arrive.

They added new templates to make it easier to build servers, they increased the audio and video capacity by 200%, and as always, they fixed quite a few bugs. In addition to all this, have changed the jokes that come out when you start Discord or by joining a server so that they are not so video game. But it doesn’t end there.

The platform wants to stay a safe and friendly placethen they will continue to take “Drastic Measures Against White Supremacists, Racists and Others Who Use Discord for Evil”. When it reinvents itself to be more accessible, the company considers it necessary to have a hard hand with communities that incite hatred.

Of course, this breadth of vision seeks to translate into more income, as Forbes pointed out. Discord wants to be an app where you can meet your study group, your book club, or anyone. Something that had happened before, but the video game brand didn’t help draw more audiences outside of that area.

Source : Gadgetsnow