Discover CORSAIR Island in Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

Corsair Spain announces its first Fortnite map in creative mode, Corsair Island, accessible through the code 9986-4662-7418.

The theme of the island is a room with a complete gaming setup for playing and streaming, a replica of the rooms with RGB gaming settings that we see in famous streamers and enthusiasts of video games and hardware.

For the development of the map CORSAIR It has had the experience and collaboration of Iscariot, one of the most present and relevant names in the creation of islands in the creative mode of Fortnite.

Discover CORSAIR Island in Fortnite’s Creative Mode

The #IslaCORSAIR map is parkour, consisting of 3 trials that must be completed separately to complete the island and achieve victory! It is a small island, accessible to all and with some zombies to shoot. The three tests are accessible from three of the products in the setup: The K100 RGB keyboard, where the player enters a world of latencies and hyperfast speeds, with floating keys to overcome. The PC with custom RGB Hydro X cooling where you will test your aim and then enter a modern factory with impossible jumps. And finally the Stream Deck by Elgato, which transports the player in a cavernous bluish environment full of infinite keys as infinite are its configuration options.

The launch of the #IslaCORSAIR is accompanied by a prize pool of almost € 2,000 worth of Corsair, Elgato and Scuf products. With several challenges to meet within the period from Monday 4 to Sunday 10 October.

Discover CORSAIR Island in Fortnite’s Creative Mode

The GRAND PRIZE, the most sweet and interesting is € 500 in products of the winner’s entire choice.

Maybe you need some new headphones with Doby Atmos like the Virtuoso RGB XT Wireless, or improve the DRAM with 32GB of the DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB, and how about one of those mice designed with the help of professional gamers like the SABER RGB PRO? Maybe a Scuf custom controller for the new Xbox … Or … why not step into the world of streamers by equipping yourself with an Elgato Wave: 3 microphone or a good webcam like the Facecam?

In short, at the entire choice of the winner in Corsair, Elgato and Scuf products with a market value of € 500.

Discover CORSAIR Island in Fortnite’s Creative Mode

In addition to this appetizing prize, we are going to launch every day of the week a challenge via social networks, easy to fulfill, so that everyone can play and get prizes. They will be THE DAILY PRIZES. We encourage users to be attentive to the Twitter of @CorsairSpain and @elgatoES, and Instagram @CorsairSpain and @ElgatogamingES to participate.

Finally, we advance some information, although not all, about a DIRECT PRIZE that will be revealed throughout the week, as easy as finding the secret …

Discover CORSAIR Island in Fortnite’s Creative Mode

The way to participate in any of the awards will always follow the same dynamics. Post a screenshot on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #IslaCORSAIR and follow @CorsairSpain and @elgatoES on Twitter and @CorsairSpain and @ElgatogamingES on Instagram. The screenshots will be:

  • GRAND PRIZE OF € 500 IN PRODUCT: Screenshot when completing the map (Victoria!) Where the weather appears. #IslaCORSAIR
  • DAILY AWARDS: Every day at 12 noon we will announce the screenshot of the day both on social media and in the lobby of the map itself. #IslaCORSAIR
  • DIRECT PRIZE: At one point in the week we will also announce it via networks. #SecretoIslaCORSAIR #IslaCORSAIR

If you are one of those who like to watch play as well as play, we have some Fortnite streamers who will be testing #IslaCORSAIR during this week from October 4 to 10. From here we encourage players to see their canes and discover the challenges first-hand: Hiperop, TonoLaOveja, Dheyl0, Gladoop, Steyb_, Luh, The Corvus Clan, HelanyaH, Menos Trece, LazaPlays, HugoMarker, Empershao, Olliegamerz, RayBacon and others flag bearers of Elgato and Corsair.