Disney’s announcement that its Disney + streaming service has added no less than 73.7 million subscribers (16 million more than in the previous quarter) is a real blow to the table for the panorama of this type of platform. But there are more disclosures in the report that the company has made of its accounts for the last fiscal quarter. Among them, news that can convulse the already battered finances of movie theaters.

Disney’s announcement that it was not going to repeat the play of ‘Mulan’ with ‘Soul’, the latest Pixar film that will be seen directly on Disney + without going through theaters -but without charging an extra beyond the subscription to the service- , sparked a rumor that the live-action version of the 1998 animated classic had been a financial failure. Disney CEO Bob Chapek He assures that it was not like that, and that in fact he is considering repeating the play with future important releases of the company: do not go through cinemas, but charge an extra (in the case of ‘Mulan’, 30 dollars, which here translated into 21.99 euros) for a limited period of time.

Says Chapek that “we have something valuable in terms of plans for Premium Access.” The CEO states that “what we have discovered with ‘Mulan’ is that it will play a strategic role in our catalog of offers. We will talk more about it in our December talk. ”Chapek refers to December 10, Investor Day, in which the company will dive into its future strategies for the streaming platform.

Success despite controversy

It is possible that theaters there will suffer a new setback in their relationship with Disney if it is announced that the company’s next strong premiere, ‘Black Widow’, the company’s return to Marvel feature films after a 2020 without absolutely any news, goes straight to Disney +. At the moment there are many variants on the table, such as what role Disney + Hotstar will play in its plans, its version of the service for the Indian area, and that has a lot to do with the spectacular increase in subscribers in the global count.

Chapek acknowledged, yes, that the controversy surrounding ‘Mula’n could have affected its final performance: a few days after its premiere, some viewers and various media protested that Disney thanked the government of the film in the credits of the film. China’s Xinjiang province, where it was filmed. It is an area of ​​China where Amnesty International has repeatedly reported human rights abuses of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities.

Disney considers releasing other films on Disney + under the same model