Yesterday we conducted a survey for you about the impact of your equipment (internet, computer and accessories) on your division. The results are surprising. We will also announce the 3 participants who won RP from How2Play. More than 8,500 people took part in the survey.

At the very beginning, interesting facts that do not result from the charts, and I observed them after a few hours of analyzing individual passes:

  • Players with less than 60 stable FPS have much lower ranks than those with 60 and above
  • Players with over 120 ping rarely go above the gold division compared to players with lower ping
  • The worst divisions have players with equipment (accessories) over PLN 500 – the best group is PLN 100-200 – although the difference, among others, is minimal
  • Owners of over 5-year-old computers, unfortunately, significantly stand out from the rest
  • Players aged 15-21 have the best divisions, younger and older players fare worse
  • Residents of villages and small towns have higher divisions than players from large cities


  • I have not found any relationship between the resolution you have or the use of a laptop and your rank
  • The most used keyboards (in order from most to least used brand) are: Logitech -> Tracer -> Razer -> Natec -> Lenovo -> Microsoft -> Asus -> Roccat -> Modecom -> Dell -> A4Tech -> Genius – > Samsung -> SteelSeries -> Acer
  • The most used mice (in order from most used to least used brand) are: Logitech -> Tracer -> Razer -> A4Tech-> SteelSeries -> Roccat -> Natec -> Microsoft -> Modecom
  • In the case of the accessory brand, Razer users had the lowest divisions, while for other brands, no discrepancies were noticed
  • The most common Internet provider is (in order from the most frequent to the rarest): Orange -> UPC -> Netia -> Vectra -> Multimedia -> Plus -> Play -> Polsat -> T-Mobile
  • The owners of Netia fared the worst here, in other cases no impact on the division was found

To sum up (half jokingly, half seriously): the best division is held by people with a computer that provides over 60 FPS; Internet connection with less than 120 ping; aged 15-21; living in a small town or village; with a mouse and keyboard for a total price of less than PLN 500; it is important that they do not use Razer equipment and do not use Netia services.

And in our competition the winners are: Géométrie, Chickenus, FôXû – we will contact you soon! You will receive an invitation in League of Legends – we will be able to send the gift 24 hours after accepting it.

Below are the results from key closed questions.