Hanzo is a character that doesn’t quite fit into the meta, which is why many people say that he doesn’t fit the game at all. In the right hands, it wreaks havoc, otherwise it becomes the bane of the team. A particularly vulnerable spot is his Scatter Arrow, which has had many complaints about it for some time now. In one of the interviews, Jeff Kaplan shared his thoughts on this topic.

Hanzo is sometimes called: Overwatch’s Yasuo. Due to the fact that he is quite a mechanically difficult character that inexperienced people attack, plunging the team. I don’t play him much myself, but I know that he is basically a strong character who can easily deal with both enemy support and tank. I’m not saying he’s particularly over-the-top or unbalanced, but I do think he needs some tweaking to make him a more player-friendly character.

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So much for my opinion. During one of the interviews, Jeff Kaplan was asked, among others, about Hanzo’s situation, his changes, and the possible removal of Scatter Arrow. He took this position:

I don’t think there’s ever been word of it being removed without making major changes to the champion Hanzo has never been referred to as a strong meta hero. On the contrary, many times your team asked you why you play him. We need something new. You’ve probably never seen your team write that if you want to win the game, we better have Hanzo in the lineup. Somebody switch Hanzo! We would like to make it happen.

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There’s also the issue of Hanzo’s oneshot, which annoys people more than Widow, why?

I think it’s acceptable to get a perfect headshot from over 40 meters across the map. Then we’re like, “Okay, that was good, I’ll give you that.” But we react emotionally the moment we get an arrow in the foot and we die. Especially when the tank is in this situation. This is the problem How does Scatter Arrow fit into all of this? I’m not sure about that. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just nerf her In this case, it’s not enough to just change the numbers to make the hero feel good.

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From all this, we can conclude that Blizzard is either already leading, or is starting to work on our archer. In my opinion, we may be dealing with a larger rework in the style of Mercy, as evidenced by the last sentence that it is not enough to dig in the numbers to make it good.

What is certain is that Hanzo needs action and who knows, we may get an official announcement soon.

What are your opinions about this character? Need big changes?